Request: Please set your defense to something other than Psion/Famine

Since the change to Unity, the changes to break the Sacrifice team, the inabliity to set a lower defense team to get more varied opponents, the Psion / Famine team has become very powerful and overused on defense in PVP/Guild Wars.

  • A match 3 skull for the AI can cascade and fill Psion or Famine, no mana generator required
  • Most every turn, your first troops mana will be stolen by Psion
  • Teams like Psion Famine Famine Famine, which in theory should be awful on defense due to no mana generator, somehow, magically loop and fill

I know how to beat these teams, that is not the problem. The problem is that over 50% of my 3 Trophy battles are a Psion / Famine team. I can use gems to refresh 10 times, and get 10 Psion / Famine opponents. I want to use those gems to get new troops, not waste them looking for a non Psion-Famine opponent.

Please, change your defense to something original…avoid:

Psion / Famine
Kerb / Fenrir / Forest Guardian / Kerb
EK / Valk / Mab-Justice / Mercy
Maw / IK / Sheggra / Mercy

As an act of kindness to other players, please create a challenging, tough and winning defense team. But please don’t clone the same team as everyone else. If you hate seeing it over and over in PVP, then please do not put it as your defense in retaliation.

  • Please don’t comment how to beat these teams, I know how.
  • Everyone that PVPs (and Guild Wars) will benefit from a tiny effort from each player to put something creative up for defense.
  • There are 380+ unique troops, show some creativity by creating a team that avoids the 14 troops above.

Thank you for your time. Be kind to each other.
Imagine playing GoW for hours, and not having to face the teams above over and over…would be wonderful.

;tldr - Please choose a creative defense team, don’t be a copycat.




I applaud the sentiment here, but I fear you’re swimming upstream. As Terenas said to Bolvar atop Icecrown Citadel: “There must always be a Meta.”


Its not the first time someone has made a such post. And all the time it has failed. Possibly because only a minor % of the player base is on these boards as well as people might generally want to give the same coin back defenswise in PvP.

The only thing that can pretty much stop the meta is banning cards weekly, but I think the Devs has answered for it in the past with a true rejection. Then the other thing is to give more love to other troops, but in the end it will solely be a meta, no matter what changes, effort and time is put into this by the Devs.


I hear and agree with you. Unfortunately, as @Eika says, there will always be a meta because people are lemmings. I hereby predict that within 2 weeks, double Wisp teams will be added to your list, whether they’re with EK/Krys or Krys/Kraken. The meta moves, but it’s still the meta.

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I remember the Bone Dragon/Courage-times too and to play against those teams over and over again, were the AI can get lucky is no fun at best. So I’m with you on that. A bit niceness does not hurt anybody and keeps the fun for all players.

But if the devs would consider to undo the changes to get a mana surge on 4-way-matches that would actually help, because that is what essentially fills the troops so fast now.

My favorite meta was:

Glade Warden, Skeleton, Sheggra’s Heart, Sheggra

Ah, True Shot. Those were “fun” times.


3x Skeleton, Prismatic Orb, back when Skeleton gained attack instead of armor every cast. Hard to believe Skeleton was once so deadly. :smile:


Of course it can get boring, but if there isn’t a perfect balance then eventually that’s what happens. I only ever see a handful of opponents now I’m at a higher level but nobody is going to put a team out to lose.
Multiple Famine (and/or) Multiple Kraken tentacles and the AI doesn’t even need Mana, not that it won’t find a way to fill in a few turns anyway.
Justice/Humility etc is another one that comes up a lot due to self filling. I’m surprised I don’t see more Rock Worms, but I’ve heard constant looping is actually impossible now.
Archdruid gains life faster each cast because of the magic gain and it quickly gets out of hand - no matter how good you are at controlling the board the AI always gets the drops.
Teams aren’t really set up to win, they’re set up to force a choice between retreat or a 3 hour borefest. (I accept that winning is easier for veterans with all the cards but not everyone can put out their own famine team, or Korvash/stun/silence team).

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You can try all you want dude but no one will listen as if someone knows a certain team wins/works they will always use said team, and it’s like console mainly Xbox One is 90% Kraken, Valkyrie, Justice and Queen Mab, 5% Psion, Ragnagord, Famine and QueenMab, 2% Kerb, GS, FG, Kerb nothing is stopping these people from using them, the only thing that I can only suggest is to play casual and scroll through that using 50 gold but probs spend over 50k till you get a better team to fight, nowadays I just go for the 1st trophy because in both systems PC/Console (Xbox One unknown about PS4 as I do not own one) it’s just boring having to face the same team day in day out with no actual reason of your own to try out new troops with and whatnot to see if they are any good to use and stuff, the game is in my opinion losing it’s replayability as for me being atm an end game player level 1110+ with 98% of all troops and I have been looking forward to using my most recent find on console (Queen Aurora) with majority of teams but I simply cannot not when the AI takes 2 turns fills valk fills justice and spams to win and I have no way of counteracting this unless I use an Impervious only team which can only just hold it’s own provided the AI hasn’t spammed considerably enough to give itself a stupid amount of attack, now I’m sure I am not the only one here that would like to have continued fun on the game but I am losing my patience especially with certain guild requirements now adding guild wars to it which is same as PvP your lucky to not find a Justice or a Famine or Psion team lurking about I myself have lowered my play time hours just purely for the fact of I cannot tolerate the over-used teams anymore but I am hoping that with the new updates coming I have somewhere to be able to replay over and over and have a considerable amount of fun on the game with but right now is just meh. The only way I can see around this matter is to implement a new system to obtain gold/glory from which I doubt would be anytime soon.

(Yes I know I have 0 paragraphs etc but literature is not my forte and I highly assume someone will correct that into grammar lols)


Had to ask, my faith in humanity is always proven wrong.

New rule: I will 100% enter and retreat every Psion/Famine battle, no need to waste gems. Even in Guild Wars, just retreated 4 out of 5 matches. Enjoy your “wins”, but I am opting out.




Why not try to win them at least for max possible points as you can get?


Wisps are easy, just use Gorgotha, Anything, Anything, Queen Mab.

You should be kicked for quitting. You’re giving points away. You get around 200 for losing. You could try to take a troop out and lower the score for the opposition. Quitters never win. Winners never quit.


Would depend on how the guild views GW. We are completely gw optional. I don’t do it often but I have had gw battles that I have retreated from. Not sure what guild they are in tho


Very true. I reacted quite quickly because I’ve had two of my guys admit to quitting. It’s been sorted.


The kick statement only applies if your guild requires GW. Abaddon does not require GW, they are optional.

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I am not sure why you would spend gems to refresh when there are other options. Play the one or two trophy team which you would probably win, possibly quite fast and at least get something. That refreshes the board. Attack the 3 trophy team, you just might win. Or you can always resign, that refreshes the board.
Find a team that can beat it.
Try Desdemona, Amira, Krystenax, Goblin King. Doesn’t always get me the win but more often than not if I play it right.
As has been said frequently, there will always be meta, play what the game gives you.


After seeing two sets of psion/fam and vjm in pvp I just quit the game for today.

Setting up this garbage as defense is stupid as more and more players start to boycott it. But heeeey, I gotz winzz mom will be proud.


Not to mention weeks like this week if you have falconer in your team you get 5 glory even if you lose

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As far a justice league on ps4 goes… All i can say is 1 out of every 15 fights is something other than justice… So to everyone who sets that as your defense… You aint getting “free wins” from me cuz i take em down but still… Y’all need Jesus…

Jus" sayin’