Request: Please set your defense to something other than Psion/Famine

The only way to reduce the number of these teams is to start beating them.
One Psion, three Famines, two different players in pvp today.
Dispatched quite quickly with…


The 3 famines will drain the first desdaemonas magic in 2-3 turns. :frowning: But I agree there is some good counter teams out there, and Desdaemona is nice to use against Famine.

Use someone who stuns in front maybe.

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Really, one battle lost no troops, one battle lost first Desdemona but won both with only a few moves. It seems to work very well for me. Suits my playing style I guess. Hey if it works :blush:


If i recall correctly, if you beat them, they get revenge battle for +3 glory. i think you are making them happier.

Ha ha ha, too funny. So I should lose all my pvp matches then.
I beat them, I get 3 trophies, a nice pile of gold, hurray for me. :grin:
I hope they get a revenge match, then I get a rival/revenge match, 5 extra glory for me!

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Best meta ever was on console

maw maw mercy maw

Omg watching the video and it’s so slow lol
No x4 at this time

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Yeah I still remember everyone complaining cause there easy win button was gone @Rickygervais

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The game is like that and GW push it further in the “put the most annoying defense team”.

For me, the main issue is the troop balance: as OP outlines many changes occured, and so on, many troops became too strong. Ragnagard could fill an empty Famine in one turn for example.
Or I’m wrong and these troops are perfectly fine and this is what we should expect now in terms of standard defense teams.

In overall, I don’t see why players have to be nice with other players as the main issue should be solved by the devs, not the players.

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