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Request for Legendary Tier List

Perhaps Widow Queen in light of the upcoming Matron Velenne :stuck_out_tongue::man_shrugging:?

LOL :thinking: Def a candidate for “Essest” S-tier.

Sad, but maybe true. [spoilers]


At least with Widow Queen, you could consider running her together with Velenne, who only hits one target, for her all-enemy damage. With Grapplepot, in any situation you’d consider running her, you’d be better using a second Gobtruffle.

It’s really a shame, I’d like sacrifice-style troops like Widow Queen and Vash to be viable, they provide such a different style of play. Unfortunately, too many modes penalize player deaths for it to be worth all the work to make these troops work, especially in light of easier-to-use troops who do the same things.

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Regarding Sekhma, this team took me through a large part of the mid-game, I don’t use it any more because I need Hero XP, but it was a very capable team

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