Reproducible bug with Kerberos

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Team: Apothecary, Bombot, Kerberos, normal play (PC Steam)

What are the steps to make it happen again?

If bombot goes off, killing one or more enemy troops, a reproducible graphical error occurs, Apothecary starts the skull damage animation but stops and troop art remains covering 2/3 of the enemy troop.

Play continues normally. Enemies with health reduced to zero remain on the board without the death animation, Warg is correctly summoned on my team filling the empty bombot slot. The remaining animations become bugged; If I cast Kerberos’ spell, the spell graphic remains hovered over the target enemy and the match can end normally so none of this causes the match to hang so far.

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see attached

001 - before casting bombot

002 - after casting

003 - after skull match, all enemy health reduced to zero, still my turn - this doesn’t show the Apothecary skull damage animation glitch here, which didn’t occur this time, but did immediately twice before in two previous explore matches.

004 - cast Kerberos’ spell, no highlighted enemies, but I clicked on the first enemy. Spell animation, no visible change but the turn passed back to the enemy and the match ends, victory screen.