Repost: Gems of Wargasm Recruitment


Join the guild…

Gems Of Wargasm

I took multiple guilds to the top 100 and now I’m starting my own.
I go by Oddity and I’m an actor in NYC so I have plenty of down time to play and contribute. Extremely active.
Leave your invite code here or join in on your own. Leaving the guild open for now.


Please use the proper categories with no misleading titles. ^-^


Not misleading…

100% how to reach top 100.

Joining an active player like me is the best strategy.



The best method to obtain a top 100 guild would be to travel back in time about 13-14 months. :stuck_out_tongue:

More so one month on that platform. xD


I joined a guild a month ago and got to the top 100. It started with 50 trophies.

I was putting the majority of the gold and trophies into it and the main guy wasn’t even logging in.

Decided it would be best to do my own thing. But with the right people I could easily get back up. Already have over 100 trophies and started it a few days ago and haven’t started trying to recruit until now


Tacet where in jersey you from? Near NYC?


I hope you have luck finding the people for your guild. Still changed the title and the categorie of your post, it might help you get your message to the right crowd.


Forked River, semi-near Atlantic City.


Nice. Was in AC a month ago. Golden nugget. Good times