[Reported] Underspire map reset

I opened it after daily reset after the update. The update was done before reset. Underspire was reset to the beginning, but with the first keystone still unlocked.

Yeah happened to me on the xbox one x as well. I just happened to notice. I was doing my other daily things and i leave the underspire to last and well i got a nice little gift of here restart and lose all those shiny torches and lanterns you owned…

And i love how its under investigation and compensation will be given out. Everyone will get 100 gems and an atta boy for staying complacent… which is less than 99% of the people who purchased the torches and lanterns have spent. Soend 1k plus gems hered 100. Dont spend em all in one place. And anyone else having issues when they purchase something it wont go through. I have had so many support ticket issues the last month or 2.it makss the other 5 years seem like i never played… and what really grinds my gears is that i bought the ring of wonder on the 1st didnt get it until the 3rd and was told sorry no compensation because it only counts if you collected it. Well how can i collect it if it isnt there? So either way we get the short end of the stick and have to eat our losses. Im pretty sure i am done purchasing anything

Yep mine reset as well…guess they still haven’t figured out how to do updates without messing things up

@Kafka: Some more information.

I’m playing on XBox Series X and using Quick Resume. When I started up the game this morning I checked Underspire and I still have my progress, but I wasn’t awarded the new torches. I collected my mail to get the game to recognize my tributes were available to be collected and then I checked Underspire again and my progress was still there (but no new torches for the day). Then I quit the game and reloaded, and it was cleared (it took several seconds of loading when I went into Underspire, suggesting it was doing some initialization work).

Hopefully this helps locate when the Underspire reset occurred.


Ale amatorszczyzna. To co teraz robią z grą to jest kpina. Brak szacunku dla graczy. Wiecznie są jakieś błędy, problemy utrudnianie, komplikowanie. Niech wreszcie 505 Games/ Infinity Plus Two określi się czy Gems od War zamierza porzucić. Bo chyba wszyscy najlepsi programiści zajmują sięinnymi projektami, np Puzzle Quest 3. Chyba trzeba opuścić tą grę i znaleźć coś innego. Wstyd.

Came to make sure I wasn’t alone…

Geoff is a Legend?


My map has reset/started a new one and I’ve not got the Torches I should have (just 7 on a new map instead of 7x3 or 4 for what day we are at).

If they are going to reset us they need to give us back our torches and anything we paid premium currency for to advance the paths.


I need some advice. Should I play today’s Underspire? Should I buy torches?
On previous days I spent 400 gems to buy 2x2 packs of torches and the first keystone. Now everything is lost :sob:

Just giving back torches is not enough! We spent TIME doing al those battles. I was close to the third boss already.


I think we’re all waiting to see what guidance we get from the devs, but in case we don’t get any before daily reset, here what I’d do (and will do)

If you spend 300 gems/day you can still get 110 torches (plus the free lantern), which should be enough to finish. I bought 3 packs of torches today, effectively gambling 300 gems and then I fought the first battle. That gets me to the 1st merchant and I get a free lantern. I won’t fight any more battles today.

If the map resets again, I’ll happily trade another torch for another lantern. If they give us spent torches back so we can re-battle I haven’t overspent too badly. If they give us rewards we would have gotten I can potentially still make a run of it this week. If they give us gems to reimburse my run this week is potentially a bit more expensive, but not a total waste.

I happened to have bought lanterns this week for the first time, and I’m very interested to see how they handle compensation. As Underspire is a semi-paid mode, it is critical that they get compensation correct, or many of us simply won’t spend money on that mode again.


This kinda sucks. I had bought a Shrine, Lanterns and used gems and had cleared 2 bosses and was at the 3rd. Now I don’t know if I should continue on, what a screw-up.

My map was reset as well

You know, that’s really logical and probably the right thing to do. But at the same time, this is 100% the thing I didnt want to see as necessary to do if the devs could give a response before reset…

Admittedly, the unusual enemy scaling is also a problem.

Bad situation all around.

Unbelievably atrocious.
300 gems spent, £1.29 spent on lanterns, I want those back, or the resources/money back.


Same happend with me

Happened to me today only. Yesterday I was able to continue from where I’d left off as usual.


vote with you wallet and stop pumping cash into this game


inb4: “we’re deploying a patch which allows players to buy the 150 gems torches deal with no daily limit so they can catch up and complete their run for this week until we find what happened. also here’s a 50 gems compensation for your previous progress lost.”