[REPORTED] Unable to Purchase the New Hero Pass in Update 6.2

Platform, device version and operating system: Playstation 4

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
High Level Player (LV. 1200), trying to purchase the New Hero Pass for the additional rewards in update 6.2 (I was able to collect the free rewards), was unable to see the price and move onto the PSN storefront to make the purchase. It was my understanding that this would still be an option for players past level 100.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Upon updating the game to version 6.2

Steps to make it happen again
Simply press the square button to “Purchase New Hero Pass” on the New “Hero Level” Rewards screen in the new Adventure path, and the screenshot I posted shows up.


Hey @Infinite

To clarify, were you able to purchase the New Hero Pass on the PSN Store or was it also not displaying there as well?

Hi, @Jeto!

I wasn’t able to purchase the New Hero Pass on the PSN store at all. It was not displayed there either. The only items currently listed as “Add-ons” when you go to the Gems of War game page on the PSN store include:

Weapon Upgrade Pack
PS Plus Starter Pack
Bag of Gems
Chalice of Gems
Daily Gems Pack
Ebon Bundle
Chest of Gems
Stack of Gems
The Motherlode
Keys Starter Pack
Legendary Starter Pack
Shadow Bundle
Typhoon of Keys Pack

An independent search of the PSN store also showed the Mini VIP bundle showing up. But, that’s all. Otherwise, all other items you have to select them in-game before you’re directed to the storefront to complete the purchase, as far as I know.

Also blank for guild mates on their Apple devices in Germany

I can’t purchase hero pass as well

Same problem here. Finland, PlayStation.

I think it should be the same circumstances from the kingdom pass. The pass is not listed in the playstation store. Perhaps it only takes some time to appear after an update.
But I don’t know exactly. Just a feeling it has the same reason.

I couldn’t buy on iOS either

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Same here. iOS 15.3.1

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Same thing happenig for me on PS4 uk

Can anyone buy that pass?

Same issue for me on my IPad. No option to purchase and it doesn’t even show up.

Unavailable in Playstation Store Belgium too.

Fixed! It’s for sale now.

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Where is it available? Still cant see or find it at all

On the skills tab of the hero menu that a circle at the bottom of the screen that you need to go into (on the xbox press the A button, other platform it will likely be whatever button you press to go into a menu.)

Click on Hero Level in the Adventurer’s Path