[Reported] Stone Seeker weapon assigned to wrong kingdom

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Just to nip this in the bud, the upcoming Stone Seeker weapon (ID: 1483) got assigned to Hell Gate. This looks like an off-by-one issue that may go unnoticed, the intended kingdom is probably Hellcrag. Weapons don’t contribute to kingdom power when assigned to factions, all weapons currently belong to kingdoms.


Same issue which has happened to the hoard mimc traits.
I bet they will not fix it.

But they fixed the Hoard Mimic traits, once they were aware of the issue. This bug report is an attempt to get it fixed prior to it going live. It’s currently still something being worked on, so they might fix it even without a preliminary bug report. It’s just that these off-by-one issue almost always seem to make it into the final release, probably because they are difficult to spot if you aren’t too familiar with game mechanics.

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Hey all,

I grabbed this one previously and reported it to the team :sparkles: will be resolved before release