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[REPORTED] Stone blocks nasty bug

Platform, device version and operating system:

Xbox one, but probably all platforms played with a controller.

Screenshot or image:
Link to video below.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
After the last delve was introduced, players can now create Stone Blocks. It so happens that you can now also get locked out of your game with no way to freely move around or regain control of your pointer unless you select a troop that happens to be full mana and cast it, otherwise retreat is the only option.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Since stone blocks are a thing.

Steps to make it happen again
Position yourself on any gem of any color.
Click it.
See it shaking.
Then cast a spell that creates a stone block.
Apply RNG: have the gem color you chose convert into a stone block.
Done. You can now officially not move.


Sorry for the messy link

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Solution: Don’t cast spells that are going to block you from making a move…!

Or face defenses in Guild Wars that use these troops on purposes due to the bug?

Your solution is actually a work around until a real solution is made. 🤷

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How likely do you think it’s going to be that a defensive team like that would actually be able to operate long (and successfully enough) to create a situation where you’re blocked out?

And how different is that from a Faction defence team where you simply cannot do enough damage to kill the opposition, but they can’t kill you either, so you end up Rage Quitting?

That’s like saying that there’s a bug with a gun you bought because you shot yourself in the foot and then demand that the makers change the design so you can’t do it again!

So what I’m reading is you didn’t watch the video and don’t actually understand the “bug”. Got it. Fair enough.


Yo, have you seen the video? The bug is about that the selector cursor is get stuck on the position where a stone block replaces a gem. I don’t think the AI uses a selector cursor, so it won’t get stuck.
Advises like “don’t cast such spells” are totally useless it was a waste of energy to write it.

Fine, I made a mistake, I thought it was in reference to people filling the board with blocks.

Got it? Fair enough.

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I’ve passed this one, thanks for reporting the bug.

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