[Reported] Status effect animation too fast - again

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC Steam / Android

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Status effect visuals animated extremely fast while the AI has the turn.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
every time the AI takes the turn

Steps to make it happen again

Can you give more information – e.g. which status effect(s) specifically? Are you able to record video of it actually happening?

Keep in mind the “animation speed” setting (available in the Pause menu) as this affects ALL animations including status effects.

Hey @Tibo

As @Stratelier mentioned, are you able to share any further more specific information on what you are experiencing?
A recording would be amazing but if not;

  • Is this happening to one status effect specifically or multiple?
  • Is this limited to one game mode or all game modes?
  • What game speed are you currently playing on?

I will try to grab a video this evening but let me describe it for now.
For example the animation for barrier is puling shield, which pulses with a nice frequency, but when the AI takes the turn the pulse rate goes up to at least 3x speed.
Same pulsing speed with reflect, the spinning rays of blessing travel too fast over the avatar, and so on.

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Video in the opening post!

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I can confirm; this is happening to me also on both steam and android. I hadn’t noticed it before, but now that I know what to look for, it is quite apparent.

You are right, I added Android to the platforms.

Really? :slight_smile:
Bugs the hell out of me!

That’s working as intended. It pulses faster because the team gets nervous when it’s the enemies’ turn and their hearts start beating faster. This, of course, represents that. :rofl:

Interesting – technically it is not happening “during the opponent’s turn” but rather ANY time when the game is not actively waiting on player input (notice how the animations also sped up when you matched 4 gems, which is still technically within your turn).

EDIT: Present on Switch version too – however the noticeability depends on your game speed. It is relatively subtle at 2x or lower, but becomes rather obvious around 4x.

One could argue that “technically” it is not a bug, but it is still quite weird. Whenever the game is waiting for player input, all animations are rendered at 1x instead of the actual selected speed.