[Reported/Known Issues] Issues on Switch

  • Switching from Krystara to Underworld and vice versa takes way longer then 2 updates ago (like 5 secs)

  • No Piscea release on Switch (false order compared to other platforms + no current release date)

  • No Tannenbaum release on Switch (We got Kris Krinkle actually a year early + no current release date for Tannenbaum)

  • Emojis on Switch are screwed up (similar to the portrait issue several weeks ago)

  • Golden Holiday Battles button does nothing


Same here for the golden holiday button. Hoping it fixes its self when I transfer my nintendo account to my Oled on Christmas.



Thank you for letting us know about the delay when transitioning from Krystara to the Underworld and back. I’ve let the development team know about it so they can investigate what is causing it to happen.

The graphical issue with how emojis are displaying on Switch is a known issue and will be fixed when update 6.7.5 is released.

Currently the Golden Holiday Battles is unavailable for purchase, this is due to it awaiting approval by Nintendo. It will be available once it has been approved, current ETA is end of January.

Tannenbaum will be coming out in a special Adventure Board on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and Piscea will be the mythic releasing early 2023 :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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Thx for the info and quick reply :+1:

Most of those are very appreciated
Only the ETA at end of January makes it for the current event pretty much useless, but I guess this will come in handy with upcoming events like Krinklemas