(Fixed) Switch-Gold and Guild Key Chest Menus Not Displaying Correctly. Cannot Open Chest or Exit the Menu

Nintendo Switch


Both the Gold and Guild chest menus are glitched and do not display correctly. Chests cannot be opened, the menu cannot be exited, and the game must be shutdown from the Switch’s home screen. All other chest menus are operational. Bonus: The glitched menus show me as having over 42 million gold!

Accessing either menu causes the glitch, even after restarting the game.


^ This, and at first chests were working normally (Gem Keys, Glory Keys). After about 12:45 AM Pacific, the chests interface began bugging as explained above, where game objects were overlapping over each other.

As OP wrote, the only way to resume the game is to fully restart the game, but the issue still remains.

I was just in the process of creating an account just so I could post about this. Had the post all drafted and everything.

Cannot access the chests to spend any keys.

Same thing started happening to me too. Came here to report it. Seems we all have that same 42 million number at top right as well. I’m not going to post the screenshots since everything in OP’s screenshots is the same as mine, except I have 64 gold keys instead of 10. Had 62 when glitch started. Earned 2 more, so at least the key count still works on the glitched chest screens.

It looks like some bad data snuck out. We’ve corrected it now, so if you restart the game chests should work again.

Sorry about that!


Just verified both menus are back working again, but now I’m missing my 42 million in gold!:wink:

Thanks for the quick response and fix!

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I don’t care much about a gold-bug since I hadn’t much thanks to Kingdom leveling.
But is it possible for you to check keys, cards,…

I can’t check by myself at the moment but I’m a bit nervous about this issue…

The missing gold was just a joke. When the bug was present, a very large number was displayed where the gold count usually is (see included pics). I don’t think it actually represented gold as the gold icon was missing as well.

Cards, keys, etc., were never really affected. The key amount was correct, just couldn’t use the gold or guild keys to open chests due to the menu displaying incorrectly. After the fix, everything went back to normal. No data loss that I have noticed.

OK - sorry for being hysterical.
I’m new and don’t know anything about the past of the game. So reading between the lines is a bit hard for me at the moment.

No worries. I know it can take lots of time and effort to build up your collection. To think your progress may have been affected by a temporary bug can be a scary thought. Are you an active player on Switch? I could use some active members in my guild. If your interested send me a message. :slightly_smiling_face:

You wouldn’t have lost any resources for this as the chests couldn’t be opened! (though I would be concerned if you really did have that much gold anyway :wink: ) :slight_smile: Glad this is all working for you now.