Emojis aren’t working

Hello. I just picked up the flash offer for the cat emojis, portrait, and gems…but the emojis aren’t working?

Emoji’s never work in my guild chat either.

That’s odd, all my other emojis work no problem both in global and guild chat. It’s just the new cat emojis aren’t working for me. A little frustrating since it was $10

Have you tried restarting the game, just in case it needs to update some data caches?

Yup, restarted twice now. One of my guildmates cant get the emojis to work either. Hopefully one of the devs will see this today or tomorrow and have some insight :woman_shrugging:

Broke on xbox too. Usually this stuff gets fixed in a day or so.

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Thanks for letting me know it’s not just switch. :slight_smile:

His, what does the portrait look like as I can’t seem to find an image and I’m torn on getting the cat day thing

Hey thanks for reporting this, we’re currently looking into the issue:

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Awesome! Thanks for the update. As a side note, when it said that we’ll get something in our in game mail, when does that typically happen? I didn’t notice anything today when I logged in.

My portrait kind of looks like a female w purple face and purple/blue hair. I wonder if it is displaying correctly as i dont get the correlation to cat day…

Just to clarify… 4.5 just came out on mobile and switch is like 9+ months behind mobile?

I know switch patch dates are taboo to discuss but shouldnt we be getting refunded if the content we bought is half a year or more away?

Hey, 4.5 isn’t out for any platform yet, you’re half a patch behind at the moment so not far at all :slight_smile:
so you don’t have to wait anywhere near as long as 6 months!

We realise this sucks, hence the compensation we’re sending to your game mail.

We don’t actually receive the money from your purchases directly, you pay the store who pay our publisher who pay us to make the game, so we’re unable to provide refunds from here sorry.

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@Kafka thanks for keeping us informed. Got my 200 gems this morning when I logged in! You guys are awesome. I look forward to the 4.5 patch update on switch when i’ll Get to use the cat emoji!!! Have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Yes! Good point, thanks. Weekly Content is considerably behind but the patch versions are close!

As the above poster received their compensation should i be alarmed if i have not? Or are they gradually rolling out?


All compensation has been sent now.

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