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[Reported] Incorrect title reward in Beast Whisperer event

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I was expecting the Stage 12 reward of the Beast Whisperer event to award an event specific title. Instead, it seems to hand out the “Tenacious” title obtained by completing the Pridelands quest line.


If this is working as intended and they simply are recycling old titles then that’s really sad. Lycanthropy shows how much they are out of good ideas. But titles… Really? 🤦


They probably fat fingered the title id number when setting up rewards. I could remotely possibly see them eventually recycling previous world event titles. Free titles belonging to kingdom quest chains? No way. I suspect there are next to no players in a position to collect stage 12 rewards who haven’t completed those, that reward would be entirely wasted.



Can we get an official response on why this isn’t a bug? Is the intention to start using quest titles as event titles?


If you’re out of ideas for corny puns, pop culture references and sex innuendos, I’m sure the community can help.


I think my unofficial response is “why”. They are just recycling titles.

Looking through the title database there are two titles named “Tenacious”, 17006 and 17225. 17006 is the old one belonging to the Pridelands quest line, 17225 is the new one we were supposed to receive but didn’t. Looks like they copy & pasted a bunch of old titles, forgot to update the text and then assigned the wrong one.

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Quite in line with documented previous instances of things that are [Not a bug] according to this company.
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Tbh, my guess would be that they probably did give us the new (identical) one, but just only let it appear once in the list of titles (in-game) – otherwise we’d see a double.

Not saying this is any better, just technicalities.

What makes you think we didn’t receive the new title 17225 with the exact same text (“Tenacious”)?

Unlikely, some translations end up with the same text strings, they don’t seem to filter out those. It would also mess up achievements related to cosmetic items, counters would not match what you see. And last but not least, if that were really the case they could just have mentioned it as part of closing the bug report.

Good point. I didn’t check the whole list after collecting the reward to see if a second one with that name showed up. :thinking:

Ah okay, I see what you’re saying! Copy & pasted the title text, forgot to change it to something new, and as a makeshift solution just handed out the original title again to avoid the whole duplicate thing. 🤷 I guess we’ll never know :stuck_out_tongue:.

I personally don’t care about titles, but it’s a big deal to some people. Those people wouldn’t like having duplicate titles with two different ways to get it, especially when one way is easy (quest line) and the other requires a coordinated guild (guild event).


  1. the duplicate is intentional which is bad design, or
  2. they copy/pasted and forgot to change the text, which is a bug.
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More impeccable QA by IP2.

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Hi everyone, I’m sorry for the delayed reply about these issues. Melbourne has been back in lockdown these past 2 weeks and in addition, at least half the team has been sick with the flu and our office was nearby a covid exposure site so a bunch of us had to go and get tested for covid (all the tests came back negative) :slight_smile: so while I know our communication in this covid world should be sorted out by now after over a year of this, there were extra factors which made some of the communication internally difficult this time. I’m not mentioning this as an excuse, I’m just mentioning it to shed some light on why some of this occurred the way it did.

I’ve spoken to the team to seek further clarification about the chat title issue with the Pridelands/Urskaya event week:

  • We have confirmed that the titles rewarded in the Urskaya World Event and Pridelands gave out incorrect titles. The team will be working to ensure that everyone who unlocked the title will be receive the correct new titles.

  • The text on the titles will be changed so these 2 titles are new titles. There will be a delay for these while we organise the updated localisation (translation) files.

  • We will do our best to ensure we don’t accidentally make duplicate new titles in future.

  • While this time a mistake was made, we do have plans in the future for some events to reuse social collectibles (particularly for Invasion and Raid Boss)

  • Because we had plans to reuse collectibles for Invasion, I made the mistake of marking the Invasion title bug report thread as ‘not a bug’, but I don’t believe we’ve had a chat title for a Pridelands Invasion before so it was intended to have a new chat title as a reward.

We are very sorry for this mistake and the communication that followed it.
Hopefully, this post helps clarify the whole situation and what we intend to do about it.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding while we finalise sorting this out.


The amount of times “not a bug” is used prior to things later being confirmed as a bug after the community challenges the “ruling” concerns me. If an individual has time to read a report. Then decide if it’s a bug or not. Should make time to do their due diligence to confirm whether it’s a bug or not the first time. Without an appeal being necessary. If they don’t have time for all 3 steps. Then the title shouldn’t be updated to anything more than “Investigating”.


Just double-checking – is the new title currently correct as,

  • “I Have a Huge Axe Man” (i.e., “I have/own a large man who uses an axe”),

or is it instead supposed to be,

  • “I Have a Huge Axe, Man” (note the comma – i.e., “Just letting you, a fellow human, know that I own/am holding a large axe”)

? :heart:

Accompanying feature request/follow-up question – will it be possible to own the Huge Axe Man troop at any point? Ty :stuck_out_tongue:.

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