[Reported] Incorrect title reward in Pridelands Invasion event

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I was expecting the Stage 12 reward of the Pridelands Invasion event to award new title, as the reward screen promises. Instead, it seems to hand out the “A Beauty and a Beast” title that was already part of some other event in the past. This is unlikely to be intentional, so far Invasion events always offered a new weapon, emoji pack and title as incentive to participate.

See also [Reported] Incorrect title reward in Beast Whisperer event, there seems to be a major issue with titles awarded in recent events.


Same is for current World Lore Event

It’s I title from a older event.


This one makes a little bit of sense, since we had the “Returning Invasion Troop: Stoneshaker” (and returned Beasts Invasion event), which is part of the title’s inspiration think.

A chance for people who missed the first one to fill in the gaps in their collection without paying Gems isn’t necessarily the worst, imo, although I wouldn’t say no to a second title being included in Stage 12!

The other recycled title is insane, though, along the lines of the War and Peace debacle, since it’s a quest reward that all players MUST get through at some point if they want to progress due to the way quests are now handled. I.e.:


I might be wrong but “A Beauty and a Beast” wasn’t from the previous Stoneshaker Invasion run, was it? I seem to recall it being a pun on some world event but I can’t quite place it. Do we have a complete list of id/title anywhere, possibly including the ones in the database that haven’t been handed out yet?

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You can look at language file, Taransworld conveniently hosts one at https://www.taransworld.com/Spoilers/diff.pl?dt=full and filter “Item name” with [title_. Can’t match it to event it came from that way tho.

Titles in question are separate entries, so it’s more of Watch Mother/Matron Velenne not a bug thing

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Thanks, that helps a lot. Takes just a minute to figure out why this bug is definitely a bug and what went wrong. Apparently there are two titles names “A Beauty and a Beast”, 17097 and 17226. This event was supposed to award the new title 17226, somebody fumbled in the old title 17097 instead.

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You’re right, it wasn’t. The one before it in the list is “Fine and Dandy”, which was for the Dandy Lion release event 6 Jan '20:

I went through the nearby Official News posts, and I’m thinking it was the Crysturtle Bounty event (24 Jan '20)!

I think, I’ve seen two “Tenacious” in title list, when you first reported that. My guess is, they read your report, replaced event rewards with old titles and unpublished new ones (including upcoming “Dragonborn”). So, not a bug reports have impact too.

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Okay, but… How difficult can it be to come up with a new title? If someone doesn’t have an old one, they can buy it, right?

But players should always get different and actually new titles for every event.


Hi everyone, I’m sorry for the delayed reply about these issues. Melbourne has been back in lockdown these past 2 weeks and in addition, at least half the team has been sick with the flu and our office was nearby a covid exposure site so a bunch of us had to go and get tested for covid (all the tests came back negative) :slight_smile: so while I know our communication in this covid world should be sorted out by now after over a year of this, there were extra factors which made some of the communication internally difficult this time. I’m not mentioning this as an excuse, I’m just mentioning it to shed some light on why some of this occurred the way it did.

I’ve spoken to the team to seek further clarification about the chat title issue with the Pridelands/Urskaya event week:

  • We have confirmed that the titles rewarded in the Urskaya World Event and Pridelands gave out incorrect titles. The team will be working to ensure that everyone who unlocked the title will be receive the correct new titles.

  • The text on the titles will be changed so these 2 titles are new titles. There will be a delay for these while we organise the updated localisation (translation) files.

  • We will do our best to ensure we don’t accidentally make duplicate new titles in future.

  • While this time a mistake was made, we do have plans in the future for some events to reuse social collectibles (particularly for Invasion and Raid Boss)

  • Because we had plans to reuse collectibles for Invasion, I made the mistake of marking the Invasion title bug report thread as ‘not a bug’, but I don’t believe we’ve had a chat title for a Pridelands Invasion before so it was intended to have a new chat title as a reward.

We are very sorry for this mistake and the communication that followed it.
Hopefully, this post helps clarify the whole situation and what we intend to do about it.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding while we finalise sorting this out.


Please, let me keep the “new” chat title earned in invasion as I didn’t owned it previously. Thank you for the fix thou.