[Reported] Free sigils in Tower of Doom not given?!

Unfortunately, you do not get the free daily Sigils for days you do not log into the game.


Wait, that’s a thing? Has this always been so? I log in daily, so I didn’t notice, but I thought you get the sigils automatically, no log in required.

As far as I know it has always been that way for Guild Events such as ToD, Raid and Invasion. GW does not have that same impediment but I believe Bounty events and new Faction events fall into the same category as well.

ok, thanks for the info. Not good system imo. The 4 sigils should be added even without login.

Hey, I’m very sorry for the delayed reply! We had an unexpected amount of support requests followed by a bunch of Australian public holidays so our response times have been much slower than usual!

You should get your daily Sigils regardless of whether you sign in every day or not.

In future if you’re missing items please send a support ticket so we can assist in a more timely manner:

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From what I’ve experienced, you get 4 daily Sigils every day after your first login of the week, regardless of whether or not you login daily after that, but not beforehand.

I’ll make a note to test this as it should give you the Sigils for every day when you sign in regardless if you’ve signed in yet during the event or not. (err if that made sense)

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Defo, so unused alts that “we” can use at sunday just to boost Dooms in ToD will have 28 sigils instead of 4, that will defo raise the competition, if anything about “who can make more alts” :3.

@Kafka I’m pretty sure this is still a thing! If you have an account in a guild that hasn’t logged in today, tomorrow it will only have 4 sigils (noticed last week in Invasion with an alt I haven’t used for ages, that was somehow miraculously still in a guild – assuming it would be the same for ToD).

This is definitely a thing on Xbox.

I think it coincides with weekly reset—if l forget to log in an account on Monday, it treats Tuesday as if if were Monday.

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I would be able to provide evidence, as I have it set up with an account I haven’t logged on to yet this week – I just don’t know how I’d show it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Maybe if I made a short video showing Calendar rewards and Mail that gave rewards from the previous week (uncollected gold/seals?), and then navigated to the ToD menu? Just trying to work out how to show I wouldn’t have logged in for that week yet.

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They should be able to see such information on their end, but l like your idea! :+1:

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Turns out this affects Faction Assaults as well :sob:.

Still exists for ToD. Today was my first login of week, only 4 sigils available [edit today is Wednesday, so I was expecting 12]


This definitely still happens for ALL events.

If an account doesn’t log in on Monday, the sigils won’t load in.

I’m not sure what happens if you log in Monday, miss Tuesday, and then log in Wednesday, though…

Could test it with an alt for science if you remind me next month?

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@Magnusimus I can 100% guarantee you’d have all sigils when skipping login days – it just doesn’t start accumulating until your first login :slightly_frowning_face:.

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So yeah, this still isn’t fixed. I was gone Monday and Tuesday of this week, haven’t played an Invasion battle yet, and have only the 8 sigils from Wednesday and today.

I suppose since it’s been 10 months from when this was originally brought up, that no fix is incoming?



If you do not log in then you do not get sigils.

That’s not the way it’s supposed to work:

I’m following up on the report and I’ve sent you Invasion sigils for the next Invasion event @einsteinle sorry :frowning: