[Reported] Curse vs Blessed+Impervious

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Curse expected to dispel bless and all other buffs, as well as making unit vulnerable to all effects he normally immune to due to traits. But the last part doesn’t work when cursing a blessed Impervious enemy.

Impervious Blessed troop should become “cursed & all debuffs applied” state once I casted EoE on them. Instead it only provides curse.

Works as intended, Cursed and Blessed cancel each other out.

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why other effects are not applied when it gets cursed?

Because Impervious troops are immune to the other effects. You’d have to apply Cursed a second time to get past that.

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We are referring to the first cast at 0:14 in the clip, right?

No, I suspect there is ACTUALLY a bug here but we need further testing and better video footage. As a tip, if you can figure a setup to generate this reliably then please set your game speed to x1 before recording the clip. Makes the footage easier to inspect (than a frame-by-frame analysis).

Here’s a quick experiment I did:

  • Low-level Silver Necropolis Delve, boss room
  • Wait for an enemy to become Blessed
  • Cast Trick-or-Treat on the Blessed enemy
  • “Undying” trait was triggered (i.e. some effects failed to apply)
  • Enemy status INCLUDES the helptext for “Cursed”

So if those last two points are correct then they seem to contradict each other: if Blessed blocks the lingering effect of Curse then the enemy helptext should NOT list “Curse” as an active status, right? Alternatively, while the enemy doesn’t have Poison, Disease, or Death Mark applied, it DOES have Lycanthropy (normally blocked by Undying) applied.

Note this test was run with Trick-or-Treat, not Essence of Evil. (yeah I have the weapon, but I habitually run Delves with faction-colored weapons, so … oops?)

Oh, another test: I cast Herald of Damnation on a Blessed Vanya Soulmourn and while they are definitely Burning, they are NOT listed as Cursed meaning it dispelled the Blessed status but it left no lingering Curse status on Vanya. Which is consistent with the OP’s report.

Looks like this will be complicated to untangle…


The video and bug report posted by DracoL1ch are sufficiently explained by expected behaviour. What you’ve described may warrant its own bug report, but seems unrelated to this and would need screenshots / video.

I just tested Trick and Treat myself on a Blessed enemy, and can confirm that it had Cursed in its list of effects, which doesn’t make sense – so yeah, that might need further investigation. I don’t think anyone’s really inspected Trick and Treat that closely.

In the above video, DracoL1ch’s Essence of Evil is upgraded to +10 with the ‘Damned’ affix. We can see that after casting EoE, the enemy Ancient Golem is left with Curse and (then shortly after, the) Disease status effects.

I definitely appreciate Bramble’s earnestness in diligence in marking this Investigating, based on concerns raised and Stratelier’s comment, but the video in question doesn’t betray any expected mechanics.

There have, however, been various requests to update tooltips and trait descriptions to make this clearer in-game, rather than having to navigate the game guides to work it out (and there wouldn’t be an easy link to the status effects page from the battle screen when selecting a troop).

This would potentially have cleared any confusion before the bug report was made.

I’m very much in favour of the following, for Impervious:

The confusion for the Blessed tooltip comes from using the term ‘Cleansed’ (which typically removes Cursed AND all other status effects). It and Cursed potentially need a second tooltip to say what’s in the Help Centre snip from above, or something like:

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Wait, more details on the “Cursed in its list of effects” part, please. Was the troop Cursed or was that just one of the effects listed as tooltip? Which team were you using?

Please stop misleading. ‘Damned’ means it curses the 1st troop. The ability itself applies all debuff INCLUDING curse, I can cast it on the second golem and penetrate his impervious.

The bug is when working with somewhat global status (i.e. Fireproof gets ignored, as intended, but apparently there are some issues with Undead traits). Impervious Blessed troop should become “cursed & all debuffs applied” state once I casted EoE on them. Instead it only provides curse.

The order of operations for weapons goes Weapon → Weapon Affixes. For EoE, that means EoE is applying Curse to the Bless, then every other Status Effect is bouncing off the Impervious, then the Weapon Affix is applying Curse to the first enemy.

So if you’re targeting the first slot enemy with Impervious + Bless
Curse from EoE cancels Bless
Status Effects do nothing against Impervious
Curse from Weapon Affix is applied to Impervious and Curses

If you’re targeting a second slot with Impervious + Bless and the first slot has Bless
Curse from EoE cancels Bless
Status Effects do nothing against Impervious
Curse from Weapon Affix cancels Bless on the first slot.

If you’re targeting an enemy with Impervious only
Curse from EoE applies since Bless is not there to prevent it
Status Effects will apply
If the targeted troop is in the 2nd - 4th slot, then the 1st slot gets cursed. Otherwise, the 1st slot is getting recursed after all effects from EoE.


Sorry, thank you – that was one of the effects listed as a tooltip when selecting the targeted troop after casting, which I think means it was Cursed. It was hard to definitively see with the mess of effects, though…

This was the match-up (first Moon Rabbit team I could find in my teams list, not 100% ideal for testing…):

  1. Webspinner was Blessed

  2. I cast Trick and Treat on Webspinner

  3. Webspinner had Curse afterwards –

    • I’m not sure how, though, since the Bless should have cancelled it. It also had a bunch of other effects, but it’s not Impervious. I didn’t check for Poison (to which it’s immune)…

New example:

Before cast:

After cast (“Undying” did proc):

(I can’t really tell from this)

List of effects via tooltips:

  • Cursed, Faerie Fire, Hunter’s Mark, Entangle, Lycanthropy, Stun, Bleed, Frozen, Web, Silence, Burning

Casting on an un-Blessed Vanja applied the missing Poison, Death Mark and Disease.

Example #2 – same team, but Impervious Fortress Gate up the top.

(“Impervious” triggered)

I was guessing that it might possibly not update the tooltip list correctly, still showing the info for a Cursed effect that isn’t around any longer.

Which effects get listed as tooltip on Fortress Gate after Trick or Treat? Does it say Cursed, even though there visually isn’t any Cursed active?

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It does, actually, even though when starting a new battle, no such tooltip appears.

New battle:

Maybe there’s a ‘ghost’ Curse chucked on at the end :dizzy_face::thinking:

So it looks like this might rather be a bug with the tooltip list, in some situations it shows the Cursed tooltip, even though the troop is no longer Cursed. Wild guess: it stays around whenever Blessed removes Cursed, it disappears when (auto)cleansed? :thinking:

Can’t substantiate that one, sorry :slightly_frowning_face::

Bless → Curse
Before cast, 2nd Vanja selected (Blessed):

Nefertani Curses and Diseases all:

No residual tooltip:

Curse → Bless

There was a weird little artifact where the Bless animation twinkled for a second, then disappeared, on all of them (and on other tested troops). Maybe an intentional visualisation of the cancelling effect…

Hmmm, summing it up, it appears to be unique to Trick or Treat, right?

  • Target is Blessed
  • Target gets hit by Cursed (among others)
    – If source is Trick or Treat, target will not end up Cursed (expected), tooltip shows Cursed (not expected)
    – If source is Nefertani, target will not end up Cursed (expected), tooltip doesn’t show Cursed (expected)

Does this extend to Essence of Evil (which also applies all status effects)? Testing this with a target in the first slot won’t work with the Damned upgrade. What happens if a Blessed target in one of the other slots gets hit, same inconsistency in the tooltip?

cmiiw curse not just dispel Bless, it OVERRIDES it, means impervious shouldn’t be triggered at all as the target is already cursed. Because bless does exactly that

edit: apparently they just cancel each other without taking any further effect. Then, it’s not a bug but a bad ingame description. Online help says it clear tho https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000335886-All-status-effects-and-immunity-Traits-

If the affected troop is Cursed - the effects will cancel each other out and the Troop will be neither Blessed or Cursed any longer.


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For a quickie - Essence on blessed Ankhekt (which has Undying as a trait), if you look closely you can spot a tip of Deathmark scythe between the green vine and red stun crosses.
For the cursory testing I did the results seems to be:

Blessed+Impervious - only Bless removed, no status effect applied
Blessed+other - Bless removed, all status effects applied, any immunities ignored.

I’ll stop at this for the time being as I’m not in the mood to do extensive experimenting right now and they do have, it is rumored, a skilled in-house testing team.

My two cents, however, would be that it shouldn’t be hard avoiding all the mess altogether by following three simple rules:

  1. Curse is applied last;
  2. Stun is applied next to last
  3. all other effects are applied in alphabetic order BEFORE Stun and Curse.

That would make following and calculating outcome very easy; and mainly Essence (but, to extent, also Trick & Treat) would again be good powerful weapon instead of mindless, boring, overpowered thing it is right now.
I said it was a mistake and bad decision when the change happened, and I still say it now - mistake, not wise and bad decision to give Essence more power than it originally had.

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See start of this thread. :wink:

There is something odd going with Trick or Treat (and possibly Essence of Evil?) that should be looked at. The screenshot from Jonathan shows a Fortress Gate that isn’t (and shouldn’t be) Cursed, the tooltip on the right still thinks it’s Cursed. Inconsistent, and possibly causing other side effects.

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Essence of Evil originally DID apply Curse last – but in one of the updates they decided to make it apply Curse first, yes this was intentional and yes the forums noticed.

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