[Reported] Burning Ocularen is missing from Chaos Portal

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting to be able to pull the new troop, Burning Ocularen, from the All-Seeing Eyes Chaos Portal, as announced prominently within the game. Apparently the troop isn’t really in the loot table, misleading players into wasting large amount of resources when trusting the official claims. Some external posts describe a different Chaos Portal behavior, those are not visible in-game though.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Ever since Bunring Ocularen was released.

Steps to make it happen again
Throw a huge amount of chaos shards at the All-Seeing Eye Chaos Portal, count the number of Burning Ocularen received (zero).


They don’t show the new troops in the “Dark Stone” “unowned option” or under all the troops “unowned” either.

It isn’t a bug. (But, they probably should announce this in game.)

time for consumer alert!!!


Can I get my shards back since it clearly says you can get it from portals. Honestly I don’t understand how the simplest things are such a challenge for these devs.


Of course it’s a bug. The game advertises the new game mode incorrectly, promising loot box rewards that aren’t available. They can fix the bug by either removing the incorrect claims from the game or by making the game work as claimed, that’s their call. Pinning some special rules to the side of their office fridge doesn’t count as fixing.


Yep. And for the vast majority of players the in-game news is the only information they will see. It’s not okay for it to be untruthful.


I had the issue of trying to finish City Of Thieves’ Delve off Tuesday but they pushed out this update taking valuable time away from me. I wasn’t able to finish it with a perfect run & thus wasted all those gems, over 2800. They won’t give a sh*t. I haven’t even heard from them. I also sent them a message on Twitter.

I don’t know, if someone would disagree, but since the introduction of the Geoff achievement, I am more and more convinced, that none of the “mistakes” in this game are by accident, but the developers are trolls, who enjoy to watch the community get angry.

Though to be honest, the person I hate the most about this is myself, for keeping playing this pile of trash. At least, the name 505 games has gotten a bad enough taste, that I won’t touch a different product by them again.


How do you get it then?

Also this

You can’t use this troop, in All-Seeing-Eye. So how can it “helps” you ?

A non experienced player maybe tries to buy sigils, trait the new troop, try to build a team…and ta-da! suprise! there is no Burning Ocularen to help you on Faction Assault


By spending gems in the event shop. Lots of them, if you want to go for mythic.
Somehow I am not surprised, that they did not include it into the portal, when this happens to be the other option.

I blew through about 1000 chaos shards, then I realized the Devs do stupid crap like that very often, so I looked it up.

Hey got an update for you folks:


To send an in game mail saying there was confusion is poor form when it was clearly the games blunder. There was no confusion in the in game wording. Be accurate - using the word confusion is whitewashing the error and at worst ministry of truth rewriting of events- a lie.
Be honest with your player base, a simple request.
The counter argument used that its a known policy, this is not how to get the troop- doesnt cut it here because clearly in game it said the troop was in the portal pool. NO CONFUSION- yet the game in a player mail says the player base was confused - thats not true based on the phrasing in game on the day. A poorly worded in game mail deflecting your error to player confusion. Accept the blame lies with the game and the posting.


Since there was obvious mistakes made with this troop realese. It will be awesome if devs tells us when the burning occularen is in the All seeing Eye pool.


i’m not a dev, but should be this Friday or on Monday 27th

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Yes it would be great to get this from a dev too

I believe 4 weeks have passed but Burning Ocularen still seems to be missing.
I opened 200 portals just now and did not pull a single copy, not inclined to open more at the moment.

@Kafka, @Jeto, @OminousGMan, official information on this matter will be appreciated.

EDIT: Additional 100 portals (for a total of 300) on June 25 - no success.


Yes, still missing. At this point just send us all a copy and be done with it.

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