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[REPORTED] Ancient History World Event Misleading Images

I just read literally the dumbest reply to a support ticket ever. So y’all are your own for this one.
If you can figure it out from the video. :+1:
If you can’t. Then I’m sorry, I won’t let your lack of customer service due to clearly being overworked ruin the game for me.

Tags @Sytro to make sure my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me again. Since he’s offered better support to my issues the past 2 hours than the actual support staff has the last 2 months.


Says Shadow Dragon, has no Shadow Dragon, has Shadow Dragon’s rewards. This is fine …

Oh my… so we need to pre-scout everything to be sure what we’re fighting…

It’s not the first time this has happened in a world event. Just the first time I paid enough attention to catch a recording prior.

It makes the scoring “even more dynamic”.


Well… At this point I’d suggest to replace the event map with a simple slot machine that works with Sigil coins. As every single thing in these events seems to be random, why not. Just spin and get points. Who cares about the lower rarity battles anyway. Oh, maybe they can include a jackpot bonus feature which triggers an actual Legendary or Mythic battle to earn its extra points, just not to completely lose the match 3 experience.

Pretty sure people would even buy more sigils too because a spin is much faster (and addictive). Win-win.


Arguably we do not need to scout because the rewards were what the Shadow Dragon fight is supposed to be. That being said, even if I “had” to, I personally don’t care enough to waste the extra time on top of the time already being wasted …

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I had the impression that high rarity troops get replaced with lower rarity troops if the level of the battle is very low. Possibly a balancing mechanism to prevent the very first fights to be excessively punishing for new players. We do get the full rewards, so this actually feels like a good design choice.

How can you be so sure it is an actual SD reward, and not a lower rank one that rolled a lucky multiplier?

The absence of unlucky multiplier rolls. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have the impression that you commented on a thread without watching the video that the thread is based on…

I wonder what gave you that impression, especially since I commented on the absence of Shadow Dragons. Have you considered being a little less cryptic regarding what we are supposed to find in your bug report?

Actually, I also don’t understand how the Torc kills both enemies with that last cast :thinking:

One upgrade deals 5 scatter damage, which gets boosted enough by event medals to kill the remaining troop.

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You aren’t supposed to find anything.
The devs are supposed to find the bug and fix it. Most of the opponents in each match are different in the video.

So basically yes. You felt it necessary to share your thoughts on a bug report without watching the actual video and only saw the the preview image where shadow dragon isn’t in the line up for the opponents.

Thanks for your “take”.

I suspect they also won’t find anything. Or, more precisely, they won’t even bother to start searching, they’ve got enough work on their plate already to go on a wild goose chase.

Are they? You picked a team that previewed as Harpy Eagle, Dragonian Rogue, Bladewind, Lapina Explorer. You got to fight Harpy Eagle, Dragonian Rogue, Bladewing, Lapina Explorer. If there is a difference, it so far escapes me.

You know, you are making this sound like you believe nobody would ever watch any of your videos.

Look, if you only want to rant, please do it in some other part of the forum. Don’t clutter up the Bug Reports section, it just delays the work on real bug reports. If you really believe you’ve found something worth reporting, use the bug report template, be as precise as possible.

You are welcome.

It’s not just shadow dragon either.

But wait…

Says Noctunia at the top…but no Nocturnia.
Apparently it’s the Draconian Rogue event, we just did’nt know it.

And the very next battle:


The. Event. Is. Screwed. Up.

Says ‘Fell Dragon’; features Shadow Dragon of the level that Fell Dragon should be at; gives rewards as per Fell Dragon battle.

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And my Draconian Rouge level keeps increasing, even though, technically, I have’nt fought a Draconian Rogue team. Not in the last two battles anyway.

The level of the “Dragonian Rogue” fight on your map goes up even though you never picked it?