Redeem website down?

I know awhile back I believe @Kafka made a post that the website was getting a overhaul or tweak or so forth. But maybe you are retiring one of the two redeem pages for Gems of War codes? Since I’m not sure why there was ever two official redeem pages? :thinking: :cookie:

First site normally looks like this. (had to goto the internet archive / wayback time machine to get it)

Hey, the website is down at the moment, the team are aware and working on it!

Sorry about that. We’ll post here again when it’s back up


Wow that was fast, it’s back up! Redeem away @Cooookie !

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Was just weird one was up one was down. Still must be a story why two different redeem pages. But that might be a story for another post. I was able to direct people at Tacet’s stream to the redeem page that was up while other was down.

Yeah I’m not sure what the specifics of the issue were so couldn’t explain that.

As for there being 2 redeem pages, we never took the old one down, it can be convenient to have the url to refer people to from some platforms vs the Game Code – Gems of War url as it’s a bit more straight forward. We will probably clean it up at some point though, just not a priority.


Interesting factoid and I understand not a priority.