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Not getting redeem codes from following on Facebook and Twitter

When i went into the shop, i saw a “redeem code” option on the top-right and i clicked on it. When i did, i saw that you can get codes from following Gems of War’s Facebook and Twitter pages so I did. The problem is, I don’t know what happens now. I haven’t gotten any mail in the game or irl with a code and I was wondering if I was missing something. Is it because I downloaded the game directlly from steam and not the official website? If i’m doing something wrong, please tell me.

They occasionally post codes in their Twitter/Facebook feeds; you don’t get one for following or adding them, though.

I’ve been following on Twitter for months and have yet to see them post a code. Just sayin’.

Follow Tacet the Terror instead if you want codes. He puts one out in many of his videos. (They’re limited though, you need to be fast!) Tagging @Tacet too :slight_smile:

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Devs also hand them out occasionally in global chat.

The devs no longer give out codes on their social media. Instead they just do them manually through global chat or give them to people who make content for the game to hand out.

I hand out 6 of them a week on my YouTube channel @ Tacet the Terror: