site down?

Why is site down? I haven’t been able to log on to view the latest news or see how to play the weekly .

Hey, the team are looking into this now. Due to the website being down the default forum theme will be a bit broken too sorry.

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Damn RNG! :wink:


Thank you for the info.

ty for the info. Plus I noticed yesterday when the site was down I was getting odd messages from nintendo saying error occured if this message keeps happening please contact nintendo. it was weird only did it twice in the game then it fixed itself and I never saw it again.

We know the website has gone down a few times recently so we have a team member assigned to investigate why as well to hopefully solve that for the future.


Hey, at least its not a game bug, amirite :rofl:

Site’s still down (or down again).

I still can’t see this week’s World Event info anywhere.

Thankfully, Hawx and Gary tirelessly help the community by making posts like this:

It shouldn’t be this way, but it do.