Red empower

We need better red empowered troops…all red teams are the slowest to build mana for and nun of the empowered troops that use red mana help other red mana users in anyway…need a red empowered troop on the level of leprechaun or some sort of fast mana generator

Try Gimlet and Obsidius

yeah… before we worry about red, brown only has daughter of ice and soothsayer…

Brown needs something real

That works but let’s be real obsidious isn’t doing any major damage unless he loops a couple times

Brown has mountain crusher and titan class that’s like infinite mana generation with plenty of troops that sync well with it…lot easier to make true brown teams

There are actually a fair amount of red converters - Gimlet, Scurvy Seadog, Drowned Sailor, Grave Seer, Lamashtu as well as both empowered skull creators - Fist of Zorn and Apophisis. This does not even account for Fire Bomb and Lamia.
I agrees that Brown needs some more love. MC, as fantastic ad it is, does not represent an empowered option.

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Yes their are red converters but nun that support an all red troop team…all of the red empowered troops support other colors is what I’m saying

That’s true of almost all the converters. None of them create their own colors.

That’s true for all EMPOWERED converters. And that’s good that way.

I agree. An empowered converter that could throw its own color would be a nightmare.