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Empowered Troops Converter List

Yesterday we received our 15th empowered converter, Child of Summer. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding empowered troops. Some say it makes the AI too hard. I personally disagree, and I say personally because I can understand the logic behind the arguments, I just don’t feel that way when I play the game.

Keep in mind that this is only a list of empowered converters, that means they start with 100% mana, and it’s only converters, not empowered troops that do other things (like Leprechaun which explodes gems).

I think the controversy around empowered converters is that they can instantly fill mana to other troops, emphasis on other troops, because if you look at this list, there is not a single troop here that converts to its own color. There are plenty of other troops that do that (Qilin, Shimmerscale, Sir Quentin Hadley, etc.), but none of them are empowered. I don’t think it would matter anyway, but it’s definitely something they’ve clearly avoided.

There are a couple things to notice with empowered converter troops:

  • Every troop has two colors
  • With the exception of only one troop, Lamashtu, troops never convert their own color
  • As mentioned, they never convert to their own color either

With these rules, we know that every empowered convertor represents four unique colors. That also means we can make highly accurate guesses at future empowered converters. For instance, we have only one troop that converts red to something else. If we wanted to introduce a new one, we know that it would most likely be red to yellow, brown, purple, or green. If it converts red to yellow, then we know its own colors will be a combination of brown, purple, green, or blue.

Interestingly, while green has four different conversion troops, all to unique colors, the troops are all red/yellow. I don’t believe this is random. It’s very hard to have two converters that bounce back off each other. That is, convert one color to another, then use a second empowered troop to convert another color to either refill the first empowered troop, or convert another color to the same color.

Example: Moonsinger converts purple to green. Moonsinger uses blue. Scurvy Seadog converts green to blue, refilling Moonsinger. But Scurvy Seadog uses Red/Yellow, so it can’t be refilled by Moonsinger.

What you can do is run something like Grave Seer which converts green to purple, and First Mate Axelubber which converts blue to red. First Mate uses purple, and Grave Seer uses red. This isn’t terribly useful though because ideally you want your second converter troop to convert to the same color as the first one, otherwise you aren’t really changing the board much.

I don’t see empowered converters slowing down in being released anytime soon though, so eventually the combinations and looping potential will open up. And keep in mind that a lot of empowered converters are used to fill troops (or the hero) that start at 50% mana, and sometimes THOSE troops can convert gems themselves. Thankfully one thing we haven’t seen yet is an empowered double converter (although I’m fairly certain that double converters only change one color to another color and a second color to skulls).


They added these, it borked the economy, they nerfed every reward and keep releasing them.

They also accused the players of cheating via cpvp, and the whole time it was because they can’t see passed their noses. You speed up battles, people earn more. Very simple.

Now they are creating these new converters which are making even more of an impact. Child of Summer vs Tai-pan. Who would ever use Tai now when you can use a firestorm and increase your speed even more.

Next up will be another nerf to rewards because they allow history to repeat itself. I just wonder what they will use to blame it on us this time around.


Empowered is the new way for the devs to be lazy and uninventive


Gem converting empowered troops are garbage. They are rapidly limiting the creativity of team builds and quickly becoming the new meta. All I’m seeing for the most part in 3 trophy PVP are different variations of 2 gem converting troop teams. Remember when kingdom and type bonuses actually mattered and could make a difference?
It’s great for speedrunning PVP grinders but that’s about it. At this point, the next logical step are empowered mana drain troops lol.
Nothing wrong with Empowered, just stop the converting and instead focus on giving them a cool status attack or ability to mess up the opponent’s team set-up.


Good luck with that. There’s only so much you can do with this game before you click off on Friday. Incidentally that’s when they want us to be spending our time and cash the most. It’s practically absent prostitution but my pants stay on.

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Actually, yes. We need Spirit Fox type troops in every color permutation to counter empowered converters. It’s too late to unadd empowered converters from the game, but we can add counters.

Malcandessa is a unique problem since she has Dark Ancestry and thus immunity to mana drain and silence, but more viable empowered drainers would still be a huge help.