Realm of the Undead, top 100 guild.All tasks completed weekly. Come chill with us. No event requirements, no gold expected until kingdoms levelled . You dont need discord. You just need to have fun! SPOT AVAILABLE


Only one spot available
Grab it quick!


Want to have fun?
Play in a competitive but casual guild?
Join our great team of awesome people.
Play the way you want and get the rewards, all tasks completed weekly.
Level 200 is higher only requirement


Let our masteries power up your teams


Only one spot available
Grab it quick!


One spot available, join our awesome team


Let our masteries power up your teams


Join a competitive yet stress free guild, we are looking for one player with all or most kingdoms levelled.
If interested pm me for more info.
It’s a game and our objective is fun!


Want to reap the rewards from tasks, achieve 40k seals and join in kicking serious *** in guild wars but still play in a chill laid back Guild?
We have one spot open.


i would like to join your guild.
Level 563, CHRISTIANMESNER is my code.


One of our long term members has decided to take a break from the game, we are sad to see him go ):

One spot now available


Won every day in GW last week, completed all.tasks, achieved 40k seals.
How do we do it???
By having fun!
We are a competitive yet laid back guild of great team players.
One spot open, grab it quick!



i went back to the game after 1+ year of break, mobile and new account, so i miss some goodies like gold-farming armor, leveled kingdoms etc, but im very active, try to be as supportive as possible towards every player and will grow quite fast in a decent guild, being grateful later on - not just the min

if you would like to give me a chance, i would love to join!
experience of several 100s hours active playtime, was always active in any activities :slight_smile:
(dont know anything about raid/invasion stuff yet tho! first day back)

grinding arena runs right now to grow as fast as possible, if gold-donations are a must as lowlevel, i will be able to grind that in pvp!

invite code: MERICAT_PR8U


We would love to have you join our team. Lots of experienced players to help you with the new game modes.

I am away from the game for a few hours but will shoot you an invite as soon as we can


We have one spot available.
At this time we are looking for player level 300 or higher.
We are a competitive but stress free guild.


One spot available for player level 100 or higher
All of the fun none of the stress!
Join our great team


One spot available
Grab It quick!


Let our masteries power up your teams


One spot now available for player level 100 or higher


Let our masteries power up your teams


We just moved up to rank 64!
One spot available