Realm of the Undead, top 100 guild.All tasks completed weekly. Come chill with us. No event requirements, no gold expected until kingdoms levelled . You dont need discord. You just need to have fun! SPOT AVAILABLE


I have sent you PM


I replied back :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations to the team for completing all tasks, LT and 40k seals this week.
One spot open for level 200 or higher, must commit to 200 trophies, 1000 seals weekly. 1500 seals in Mythic weeks.
Please PM me if interested in joining our awesome team


Hi, I’m interested in joining the guild. Invite code is BURPEES_3. (lvl 636, can meet all the requirement)


Invite sent
Welcome to The Realm!
Save your gold for next week.


We will have one spot available after reset
Please PM me if interested


what in the universe is going on here


Please PM our esteemed GM mattymaya if you would like to join fun team


Hello im active mobile Player lvl almost 500 full ascendent teams. And im looking for active guild who is doing guild task. If you wanna have me abord my nick is Iqnac_twzr


Would be great to have you join our team
Tried to send invite but says you don’t exist, could you please confirm your invite code.


IQNACY_TWZR sry i misspeled


That doesn’t seem to work either



I would like to join. TAMARA_P77Z


I see we got you in.
Welcome to The Realm
Please consider joining our chat group on LINE, not mandatory but a great group of people


One spot just became available
Grab it quick!


Hi Mariana,
Is that spot still free?
Would love to join if it still is.
2P0LA is my code (0 is the number 0)
Happy to supply dets if you require them.
Cheers :slight_smile:


Yes it is, I have sent invite.
Welcome to The Realm
Cheers, Mari


Thank you Mari :smiley:


We have one spot now available.
We finish all tasks, usually 40k seals.
If you are looking for a casual guild where the main objective is having fun this is the guild for you!