Realm of the Undead, top 100 guild.All tasks completed weekly. Come chill with us. No event requirements, no gold expected until kingdoms levelled . You dont need discord. You just need to have fun! SPOT AVAILABLE



Only one spot available grab it quick!


is that spot still available?
Level 1033, I collect my seals.
Invite Code: ALIRIE


I think we could make one more spot but the invite function doesn’t seem to be working, about to contact support


One spot available
Looking for one player level 200 or higher.
Able to do 1000 seals, 1500 in Mythic weeks
Must communicate through guild chat or LINE chat group


I am available! Invite me : GIAK_2


We have achieved greatness, well at least we just hit 700k trophies and are now Demi-God I! :grinning:
We have one spot available for level 200 or higher who can hit 1000+ seals, 1500 in Mythic weeks.
Please PM me if interested.


Let our masteries power up your teams!
One spot available
PM me if interested



One spot open, grab it quick!
See reqs above.


Join our awsome team!
One spot available


We are now full
Thank you


Congrats to our awsome team on completing all six tasks, LT and hitting 40k seals!
We have one spot available
Must be level 200 or higher and achieve 1000+ seals per week.
Join now and get in on next week’s rewards.
PM me for more info.


10/10, would join again :wink:


We had a great week.
All tasks complete, 40k seals
Won our GW bracket
Had fun!
PM me if interested, we have one spot available



One spot available for player level 200 or higher.
Must commit to 1000+ seals, 1500 in Mythic weeks.
We are a great team who believe in being competitive but you must have fun!
Join our great group of awesome people.
PM me interested


One spot available
Let our masteries power up your teams, see screen shot above
PM if interested in joining our awesome team





Potentially one more spot for player with all kingdoms levelled