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RDVG Community /currently ranked 8/ recruiting active lvl150+ players

Hello, we’re the RDVG Community and looking for very active players to reach in top 5 guild league ranking. We’re progressing only keys (exploration) and gems (crafting) guild tasks. 2 free spots now, if you’re lvl150+ and earn at least 75 trophies and contribute 100k gold for gtasks/week (most of us donate much more than minimum) and want to join a good community, write to me, psn: Kensignore

we reached today guild league rank 11! 3 free spots, psn:Kensignore

1 more spot, we’re all active players, there isnt any leecher in our guild. Lots of high lvl players (i’m lvl511) wait you to join us! :slight_smile:

2 spot, guild req: 40k gold, 60+ trophies/week, psn: Kensignore

1 spot, guild changed the requirements from now: at least 75k gold and 75 trophies/week! We were on rank15 one month before, now we’re on rank11!

I would like to join. I can make the requirements and will support more when I can.

Hi! Send your invite code pls to psn: Kensignore and i’ll invite you!

Thank you for your quick response. I have joined another guild. Although the guild rank is lower then yours I would like to stick around and show I’m not just a guild hopper. If there’s an opening in the future and I’m without a guild please keep me in mind.

3 free spots now, we kicked those who didnt do the minimum guild requirements: 75k gold, 75 trophies/week. Next week it will raise to 100k gold/w! If you’re interested in, send your invite code to me!

Hi my name is Alessio i’m level 162 and game only day my code invite is ALE221279_TEZM
thank you.

Hi, i sent an invite for you but you’re already in your current guild, pls leave then i can reinv you! Send a message to me on psn: Kensignore when you’re ready to inv.

2 more spots for very active players! The guild members donated yesterday 2 millions gold, there is no room for leechers, wont let them to slack, only team players need! We have an own community with all members, where we can discuss all things about guild.

These screenshots from 06.20 to 07.20, so the last 30 days we made 11k trophies and donated lots of million golds to gtasks. (didnt count it) Join our community!

OK Kensignore invite me ALE221279_TEZM I’m ready :grinning:

Just wanted to say congratulations on making the top 10.

I sent an invite for you Ale.

Thank you Shiratori! :slight_smile:

2 free spots now, send me your invite code.

I’m not 150 yet but i’m super active and i can meet the contribution requirements. I’m lvl 93 and climbing fast