Rank (hard) match points disparity

Myself and three guildmates are all sitting next to each other on the rank ladder
12 Lev 1000 played 545/13 (def 112/175)
13 Lev 411 played 550/146 (94/292)
14 Lev 1001 played 595/15 (112/198)
15 Lev 437 played 486/25 (67/185)

I am position 14
I always choose the hard game but I have had to play between 45 and 109 more games to reach the same position on the ladder as some of my guildmates. The only reason can be that the hard matches I am being offered are worth a lot less points than my guildmates.
I have tried paying a gem to skip a match worth 30 points only for the next one to come up at 30 so I may as well plough through them as they come.

Is there anything to be done to cultivate higher paying matches in the hard slot?

It doesnt seem right somehow that some players have to play so many more games (and hours) than others to achieve the same position.


Playing more games doesn’t necessarily translate into playing more hours. It depends on the length of each game.

Furthermore, 13th place there has a solid 110 extra defense losses (vs defense wins), which should be worth a minimum of -330, probably closer to -500.