Rank 39 PS4 guild recruiting! All tasks,LT, all Raid/Invasion portals & 40k weekly 30/30


Ok i’m in no guild atm so it’ll go through


I got the invite but a error message popped up of “Join by invite only” could you send another :sob:


How many spots do you have and what is your ps4 name? I run a guild leader community and would like to add u to it. Thx santandrix I’m ps4, look me up.


Quick question: I’m in a PS4 guild now but I just started playing a few weeks ago. I have been playing what I think is a lot. How can I check if I’m currently meeting your minimum requirements? I’m asking only because I need to know where I stand before asking to join a guild with requirements.


If you go to the guild tab, then check the roster it will show your current weekly totals next to your name.
I’d speak to any guild about reqs before joining if you’re that new to the game though, your gold should be going to your kingdoms at this point rather than tasks :+1:t2:


Hi. Just started 1.5 month ago. Lvl 350. Addict and dedicated gamer, french speaking english, i am very iterrested in joining u… Invite code is PAGLOPPAGLOP_2MKX . Thx.


I’m interested in joining if you have an open space. My invite code is ICURSE_VFAY . I’m currently level 527.


Hey, I’m also looking for a guild. I’m level 100, but growing fast enough ( donations, heh :slight_smile: ) . Can I join? psn id suren1001


Tang what is your level?. Kasam


Hi Kay, quick one for comparison,how many LTs you get a week? thanks,gl :slight_smile:


We’re looking for one to join us on Sunday/Monday after guild wars. We complete all tasks,LTs, 40k seals by Wednesday and close all raid and invasion portals Pm here or psn LeaKay-

EDIT: We’re full up again. We have one waiting for a spot if you’d like to be added to our wait list pm me