Rank 112 guild (now 108!) has room for 2 more. No huge reqs!

The Sultans of Surge has room for 2 active players. We are a fun, friendly, & supportive guild. No strict reqs, just participate in guild events & contribute what you can. We get 20k seals most weeks, sometimes 40. We’re rank 112 & climbing. (We’ve jumped from 114 to 112 so far this week.) Join us as we continue our climb and break into the top 100! :smile:

Send me your invite code if you’re interested!

We’re still climbing — now rank 108 & on our way to the top 100! We still have a couple spots available. If you’re an active player (doesn’t have to be daily) and want to join us, let me know!

Here is my code ALPHAMADDOX_KSEJ I am a active player

Great! My daughter is on the Xbox right now, but I’ll send the invite as soon a she’s done.

Got rid of some dead weight last week, and we now have room for 3 active players to join us. We complete most weekly tasks. If you’d like to join a fun, supportive, active guild without enormous requirements, let me know!

Im only new, lvl 185 atm. But active and my currant guild is full of people not participating :frowning: i play for a bit most nights and more on weekends when my kids arnt on haha. I usually reach 3k seals or higher and try and contribute as much gold as i can while still leveling my kingdoms. (Only have 6 at lvl 10/11 so far).
If you have a spot, invite code is

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi, AlphaWolf! I’m out of town right now, but I’ll send you an invitation to our guild on Monday. As long as you play several days per week and can participate in the guild events, you should fit right in.

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Hey thankyou, i have left my current guild, ready for the invite when you have the chance :slight_smile:

Ok, invite has been sent!

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I just clicked the invite message. It then jumped to a screen saying i can only join by being invited haha and it still says im not in a guild :frowning:
Sorry, not sure what happened.

Any chance you could try again when your on and have a moment. I feel lost not being in a guild, especially at the start of the week.

I think it might be because i dont meet your lvl reqs :frowning: says min lvl 400.

Ok, give it another try. I just bumped the level requirement down. You should be good now!

I click join and it says join by invite only, then i click continue and nothing happens :frowning:

Maybe try sending another invite sorry. If you can.

Sorry to be a pain, just really want in and every minute i play is wasted seals hahaha

I’m at work, but I’ll send another invitation as soon as I get home.

Thankyou, i clicked the second invite, and clicked yes to join. And again it gave me the error message, saying join only by invite. And still didnt join me. Not sure why this is not working :frowning:

Looked up the error in the forum and apparently lots of guilds have had it happen. Some say it worked after 3 invites, others saying it couldnt be resolved :frowning:

We’ll, that sucks. :slightly_frowning_face: I’ll try again; maybe third time’s the charm! :crossed_fingers: