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Rank 112 guild (now 108!) has room for 2 more. No huge reqs!

Yeah this really sux, didnt work again :frowning: only way i can see around it is to remove the invite only restriction, but then i understand there is no way of stopping someone else from joining before i get on to do it. Catch 22 :frowning: looks like im just not ment to be in a good guild haha.

Are you available now? If so, I can send another invitation and remove the invite only restriction long enough for you to try to join.

I don’t work tomorrow. Let me know what time you’ll be on, and I’ll temporarily remove the invite only restriction, and we’ll see if it works.

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Ok sounds good, what time zone are you in? Im in australia and can be on anytime from 5pm aedt today :slight_smile:

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I’m in Indiana (EST). I’ll remove the invite only restriction & send you another invitation before I go to bed tonight. (Probably between 11 pm - midnight, which is 1-2 pm your time.) Then if you can get on by 5 pm your time, hopefully no one else will have hopped into the guild before you get a chance to.

Yeah awesome, ill ring my wife who will be home at about 3pm and get her to do it for me to try and make it quicker :slight_smile:

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Worked perfectly, im in :slight_smile: thankyou. Now to try and catch up on the events hahaha :slight_smile:

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We currently have two spots available. We’re a fun, friendly, laid-back group, but participation in most weekly guild events is required. 300k gold & 1000 seals per week is strongly preferred, but we do make exceptions for those still leveling up kingdoms. Level 500+ preferred, but will accept level 200+ as long as you stay active & contribute what you can.