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Rank 10, Bracket 1. *PS4 * guild recruiting. 30/30

Hey everyone. My Ps4 guild, Assonance, is looking for new members. We are ranked 12 and are in bracket 1 of Guild Wars.

We are an event based guild, scoring well and completing all events weekly. We are looking for like minded players who want to help out whilst also having fun. We’re all end game players with plenty of experience playing the game.

What we can offer you:

All tasks completed at reset including epic tasks.
40k seals usually on Tuesday evening (GMT).
All raid, invasion & world event portals.
Compete with us in bracket 1 GW.
All rewards from Tower of Doom, we finish top 5 on LB.
A community of friends that chat on a regular basis in our very active PSN group chat wether it be game related or not. We also have voice chats on a regular basis.
A community page that is updated weekly at reset with guild milestones and event updates.
Members from level 1200-1900+ who are knowledgable and can help if needed.

What we ask of our members:

Level 1200+
1M gold
1500 seals.
Guild wars participation. Ideally some experience in brackets 1-3.
Guild event participation.
Play ALL tower of doom sigils. As we finish in the top 5 for Doom we do ask that all members finish their sigils even after all portals are completed.
Own the majority of troops and weapons.
Ideally have a high faction renown score or are currently working on this. We have plenty members at maximum renown so can assist with this.

Reply on this thread or through a private message if you’re interested. My PSN is LeaKay- if you would rather contact me there.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us.

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I have 257 and i am wining a lot of gw. Acctually i am in guild polish dragons but they do not using a chat no communication and slowly guild is dying.i have a half kingdoms 10 lv half 5 and every week upgrading 2 of them to lv 10.this guild is on 167 place guild lv 187.so im looking for a new guild. If i am stiil in guild do i can get an invitation

Hey if you leave your guild and send me your invite code I am home and can invite you now.

I was little busy( had a party😁) sorry.do you have some place?my code is ZIELSON_R5D8.i quit from polish dragons

Yes I have space. Currently at work will invite you in around 2 and a half hours when I am home. Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

And how is there

Hehehe somone forgot about me.i am fighting without trophy

I’m online now will invite you now :slight_smile:

I have no invitation

My psn name is zielson950

Yeah I tried to add you but it didn’t work will as my psn has not been working properly since it went down the other night

Hey where is that yoy send me last messege 12h ago but i check thet many times and a im seeing from 1h.where you from?

I mean when you send this message?

Hey my friend is going to invite you later today as I am unable to do so yet. We will get you in eventually lol

Hey I’m interested in joining your guild I need a active one if you still have a available spot send me a invite.

Hello there,

Is there a room for me? I’m level 70 currently. Donating around 60k per week to my current guild, but there is only 15 members and i don’t see future there. I can give around 60 trophies.

My in game: AVAKIS_6ABT

Please send inv.

any chance for invite
play daily and complete guild wars , always get 1500 seals and contribute to statutes
current level 686
current guild leader guilty few rank 367 i think but closing as members dont stick around

PSN - Bondstore

Hey i’d like to join, requirements won’t be a problem here’s my inv code TANG_QSAI :slight_smile:

Hey tang what level are you? I can invite you today :slight_smile:

I’m lvl 912 i believe last i checked lol