Raid/Invasion "test" mode

I would like a game mode that lets me fight a raid/invasion battle. I’d like this mode to let me either unlock or just use a slider to manipulate the boss level. Ideally, I could pick any kingdom/creature type vs. any Zuul’goth set, but I’d be just as happy if it were locked to “just this week’s roster.”

I want this because these modes feel like teambuilding challenges, but often I take the first viable-looking team and never experiment. Sigils are very valuable, so I can’t spend 5-10 matches playing with a crazy brew to see if it’s worth it. My guild tends to discuss and collaborate, but sometimes we have an idea and no one wants to waste the sigils to find out of it’s good.

This mode would let me try out different team permutations and see how they work. Considering the design of Raid Bosses in particular seems to be “teams that thwart your team’s natural advantages”, I think it’s important to give players a way to experiment with crazy brews.

I don’t care if it has the same/less/no rewards. The “rewards” from this mode are “I might squeeze out a few more wins in the real deal”.


I like this idea. In the past there have been some requests for a similar way to test what results in the highest guild wars score. Effectively, showing a tentative GW score for each PvP battle played.

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I want that too but I know the devs in particular seem opposed to it. Part of the complexity of the GW algorithm is “we don’t want people to figure out how to game it”. I’m suspicious that’s the answer to this mode, too, but I couldn’t remember anyone asking for it so I wanted to force them to say “no”.


So, kind of like a Test Defense team for PvP?

I’m pretty sure they have a Raid test mode already. It’s called “Raid mode” and you purchase ‘sigils’ for gems in the Raid shop for the chance to test your team.


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