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Questions about events schedule

You can get pets. Vault day or not there are still pet gnomes for crying out loud.

It’s one vault 3 day event. There will be more so my suggestion is to relax. Not the end of the world for crying out loud. Also you can save your wars battles for the weekend if you want to spend your time in vault event.

(if it happens - might be placeholder or some kind of mistake- i’m gonna wait until I see in-game announcement), it will be an extra vault event. the regular is scheduled to Nov 5th.


Yes, I saw the schedule :sunglasses: The vault is on November 5, I am very happy that this is not the week of GW)))

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Relax is my middle name)
It is impossible to postpone the GW fights until Friday. If all 30 players do so, this will result in a 24-hour online, but these are all particulars and details. It’s not about what I can or should, it’s about wishes. Vault is the favorite event of 99% players, and everyone wants to participate. We are just asking the developers to schedule the calendar so that the Vault and Guild Wars don’t fall within the same week.
This has been already mentioned on the forums, it’s time to repeat)))

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In a perfect world, there would be no other events during GW week)


Again not the end of the world. I know folks in my guild that do all fights on Sunday and get 30/0 and 56k plus. I also know folks that go 5/0 9500 plus in 15 min so I’m sure it won’t affect them. If you are using the time to help your guild mates do their wars that’s on you. Myself I spend an hour per day on wars. I’m not complaining. My guild always finishes 1/2/3 in B1. We get 1st quite a bit

“Pet event” and “Class Trial” should be on Wednesday.
This way “Weekend events” could be 4 day long.
Both “week day” players and “weekend” players have at least 2 days to play.


Oh those super monkeys paw you have to very careful to use it or not use them at all. The backfire can be great.


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