Question: Is Bounty completable with Tier 3 purchase?

Just wondering if anyone can confirm they’ve done it before. Assuming x30 on all battles.

This is 30x, tier 4, day 1 with perfect play

Still need (80000-25000) / 30 / 200 = 10 battles

With tier 4, you have 8 more sigils. Totally possible to complete all rewards
With tier 3, you have 3 more sigils. Unlikely to complete all rewards.


I think it can be done but that’s too boring for me so I do 19 at most.

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Don’t have a real world confirmation or rebuttal, but math is a “maybe”, and if its possible, its very tight:

Since this bounty is a repeat and is trivial to have the Bounty Captain mythic with just a t3 purchase, this is the perfect time to try, I guess.


I’ll try T3 and see. Can always buy T4 if required later on.


I bought t3 last bounty. Caught all black chickens and used all sigils but fell short.
Edit: X30 on every battle


So, is it possible to do 11 battles (battle 20 on 30x multiplier giving 6000 points) with just tomorrow’s free sigils?
If the answers is “yes”, bounty can be done with T3, else - T4 is necessary.

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I’m on the exact same score. It would mean getting 4 valravens from the last days’ sigils. I know I’ve gotten 12 battles in the past from 4 starting sigils but it’s very very rare. So it’s not impossible but odds are we will end up 1 or 2 valraven short.

I have even fewer points, standing at 7000/80000 on stage 20. Bought up to tier III, all battles 30x and no ravens lost.

Tier 4 end of day 2

Tier 3 final score is very likely 6000 points more/less than this

I love the way your brain works :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:


I actually cleared reward 20 today, with a Tier IV purchase. Surprised the crap out of me.

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19000 / 80000 tier 3 also. Crossing fingers…

on PC account Tier IV…did x24 for 7 battles (brain spasm on my part), then x30 all remaining battles

still got to reward 20 on day 2

on my xbox account Tier IV x30 all battles…also completed today

gotta love bird variances…

This is what I get with T3 (3 games - or 2 ravens - short).

Also came out at 67000/80000. So even 1 more raven would not be enough. Dont think it is possible with T3.

Now do I spend 200 gems for that 2nd Major Green? Nope!

So I ended up with 249k total lol.

180, you get 20 back :kissing_heart:


I came up 79.000/80,000. Meh