Why buy more bounty hunters after the Last Tier

A quick question:

In this weeks bounty I have bought all the Tiers to get my Bounty Captain - Soldier of Wrath - to Mythic. After that it is possible to continue to buy the next tier multiple times. I understand that you get sigils from it, but you cant have to Soldiers on the same team and still get the multiplier - because each troop have to be unique.

So my question is: Is there any reason to buy multipe Soldiers once they have reached mythic? Thanks in advance.

It’s to chase the power orb for first place on leader board. Tier 6 should be enough to get Reward 20, I hope

but why the extra Bounty Captain. There is no use for him is there? I get that you can ascend the other bounty troops, but what should i use the extra captain for?

Not really a use. Don’t expect everything in this game to make sense.

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The last tier has two purposes.

For “normal” people who just want to ascend the troop to mythic, it has to include those troops.

For “leaderboard” people, the troops don’t matter.

But if the troops weren’t part of that tier, there’d have to be another tier just for the leaderboard people without the troops. There’s not really a need for it. The extra troops can be disenchanted for a small soul bonus. (Most leaderboard chasers probably don’t need souls, but alas, it’s a thing.)

I mean in the grand scheme, the other bounty troops in every tier don’t matter. I’ve only got one bounty troop not at mythic. So 99% of my pulls were garbage. I didn’t really care though, to me the value was the new troop and the sigils.

Ok thanks for the responses :slight_smile: