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Queen Mab fix never happened for me

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

One of my clan members said the Mab fix occurred a few days after the last release. Mab still does not work for me and all of her traits dont happen. The new immune enemies also are not working to her mana burn

How do I get this fixed? There are no updates in the apple store and have been without her 3 traits since this last release.

Iphone 6

I don’t think the update has been approved yet by Apple - hence the delay.

I’m on an Apple device and don’t have a fix yet.

Thank you Drathas. Why did I ever switch back to Apple from my Samsung?!

It’s hipster? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:

I understand the delays, but it sucks… iOS users are playing a totally different game than PC right now. Mab doesn’t freeze, Maw devours Impervious.

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It has forced me to use my super fast pvp team most of the time but I do miss my Mab team for balance.

Not fair for those who have Behemoth and other mana immune troops set to defend vs. Mana though. Now, even my traitless Mab goes through those easily.

Does anyone know why Apple has not approved the update?

My biggest problem is Mab/Valk just isn’t good right now, so I’ve missed out on, literally, thousands of souls.

Last update I saw said it was supposed to be out this week.

As Drathas has said, we are currently waiting on Apple. We had hoped to get it out earlier this week.


Hmm so if I have an Android and use Carnex and I get invaded by an apple user with Maw, I can get devour’d ? Would’ve been good to know -_-

Yes, and unless the Apple version is a mandatory upgrade, it may be possible for them to bypass Impervious even after the update drops, by not updating.

This is really frustrating waiting and waiting and waiting for the fixes

I’m getting rather impatient, personally.

If a person doesn’t update, I assume they will miss out on explore mode, the new kingdom, etc?

No, those are live already. This is for the hotfix for Impervious and Mab’s third trait not working properly; that was fixed within 24 hours of 2.0.1 on Steam, shortly after on Android, and is still in Apple limbo.

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Oh good grief…

Seems like Dev’s could ‘force’ app to look for update and apply before allowing to play…

Heh, or get creative with the impenetrable on server side… initiate game breaking phenomenon when they try to burn / devour impervious… turn stops, and they never get another turn, resulting in forfeit… (soothsayer bug ala fix)…

So, update or lose a lot.

I’m guessing they have more than one way to skin the cat, so to speak.

They can mark updates as mandatory; they’ve done so in the past. I’m just not sure if such a minor update would be marked as such.

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Just curious. What troops does your super fast pvp team consist of? I think mab teams are pretty darn fast. Even without her traits working.

And now we know why updates take so long. Sittin around, waitin on Apple while they hold back Android/PC. I sort of fear the day consoles are synced as well since they’re way worse than Apple (as evidenced by the DK Armor).

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