Impervious and Extra turn

Impervious isnt working right. I lost a lots of battles because of this. Its frustrating.
And another bug that isn work is this: the extra turn isnt work and lost alot. For the computer or defensive teams that i fight with them the extra turn is working verry good, but for us almost 100 % dont work.
Maybe devs can do something.Pleaasssssseeeeee.Thanks

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When extra turn doesn’t work:
If Queen Mab is on enemy team, or your troops are frozen - you won’t get extra turn.

Impervious is bugged. Yes, that one is ridiculous. Waiting for the fix, which probably won’t come anytime soon.

We are currently working on the impervious fix. We are hoping to release a mini update with some bug fixes as soon as we can.



That gif is a thing of beauty.


He has everything, full package :rofl:

How have I never seen that before? It’s glorious!

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We’ve got 4 hours till reset. I’ll wait for a little bit longer for a fix :slight_smile: