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Put weekly Green jewels Event screen in the front instead of in the back

It would be really nice if you put the screen for weekly green jewel events to be the first one, instead of the last one. That is the only screen that I keep going back to, as I want to check the amount of jewels I have and how many do I have left till next reward. All the other screen I read once and that’s it. However, to get to the only screen I actually use I have to click following: Events --> Events —> resources screen --> the green jewel screen. I know you can also drag the screen line instead of clicking the resource screen, but that’s one more click nonetheless. So it would be really nice to put that screen to be the first when you open Events instead of forcing us to click four links to get to the screen we need.

News can switch places with Events. Once you see what new troops are there, I really doubt anyone needs to look up that information often. So, in the first tab I would put Events - with Rewards screen first, bonus resources second, and Weeks of x and y after them, as this information also shows up in the cards themselves. News I would put on the second tab, as you essentially look on Monday what are new troops and don’t pay attention to it any more.


Bump, because it really is annoying having to open and drag that screen N-times a day.

OMG yes, this please…


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+1 to this

@GabrielsPapa Please don’t change the title of the thread to “snotstone event”. I didn’t write it that way because I don’t like that expression.

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Apologies @Drazen, I was trying to use the term that most is commonly used in the community, so that people would immediately recognize what you were discussing when looking at the topic. No offense intended, I’m sure. :grinning:

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no problem man. It’s just that my skin crawls when I read “snotstones” :slight_smile:

Another ‘was working great on console’ until the pc/mobile new to Unity team screwed it up for everyone.

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It’s weird because it already sort of does this on iOS if and only if you have a prize to claim. All other times it’s at the end.