PURRgatory seeking 6 recruits

PURRgatory (sister guild to cowboys from hell)
Rank 19, Gw rank 18
casual guild w manditory guild event reqs as follow
Level 200
raid: 3000
invasion: 30 towers
tod: 15 dooms
all guild wars battles

Guild weekly reqs:
100,000 gold
500 seals
100 trophys

Very easy reqs and casual laid back setting
If you wish to advance and have all kingdoms to 10 then we might place you in cowboys upon request.

Seeking 6 casual players who want guild event rewards but dont have time for much else.

we share the same server as cowboys
If you are not in hell… you are in PURRgatory

make that 10 :jack_o_lantern:

seeking 5 recruits

casual easy reqs

Why is the level req so high?

level 200 isnt high… we are a top 20 guild