Cowboys from hell recruiting on switch

Rank #30
Player level required: 400
reqs are 1000 seals and 200 trophys
20,000 gold
If kingdoms are all level 10 we ask you donate as much gold as you can as we try to complete epic tasks.
We can help provide expert training and teach you how to create good teams etc.
We are a serious guild with s good reputation.
Please join only if you have the time to play
If you are up for it please add me on discord Feedle#5500
or reply to this message or pm me.
“cause high noon, your doom, coming for you we’re the cowboys from hell!”

also if you dont have discord ask for invite in 001 from me, roxie, or stille

cowboys from hell discord server

few spots still open as we are almost full

im interested

looking for 3 people right now if anyone is interested

gl feedle peedle

looking for 1 and we are rank 23 now

looking for 2 players

looking for 2 players who want to be in top 10 ranks

Got room for 1 if anyone wants a shot
Level 1000

Cowboys from hell
Rank 9
Reqs: 700,000 gold, 1000 seals, 300 trophys
Event reqs: 75 tower, 25 dooms, 5000 raid boss
Guild wars: all battles must be faught
All sigs must be used and events are manditory
We are a hardcore guild with many elite players

Benefits of joining:
Level 6 seal chests every tuesday
All regular tasks done monday and epics start tuesday
10-20 Legendary Tasks a week! (not many guilds do this on switch these days)
Guild events finished wed-thursdays
We have many players in the top 100 ranks of the leaderboards in all events
We will teach you all aspects of the game and turn you into a pro gemmer!
We have many players with experience from xbox and pc!
We bring in 30k-50k trophies a week!!!

What are you waiting for?

We got a spot open
Add Feedle#5500 on discord for more info

got 2 spots for anyone who wants to try