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Cowboys from hell rank 9 1 spot

reqs: 700k gold, 1500 seals, 300 trophies
level 1000 preferred but if you are level 700-1000 we could make an exception

all guild events are manditory
we ask that you do what you can and try your best
Dont let the name of the guild scare you either… we are pantera fans and metal heads.

discord me at Feedel#5500 or send a message here etc…

Cowboys from hell
Rank 9
Reqs: 700,000 gold, 1000 seals, 300 trophys
Event reqs: 75 tower, 25 dooms, 5000 raid boss
Guild wars: all battles must be faught
All sigs must be used and events are manditory
We are a hardcore guild with many elite players

Benefits of joining:
Level 6 seal chests every tuesday
All regular tasks done monday and epics start tuesday
10-20 Legendary Tasks a week! (not many guilds do this on switch these days)
Guild events finished wed-thursdays
We have many players in the top 100 ranks of the leaderboards in all events
We will teach you all aspects of the game and turn you into a pro gemmer!
We have many players with experience from xbox and pc!
We bring in 30k-50k trophies a week!!!

What are you waiting for?

We got a spot open
Add Feedle#5500 on discord for more info
dont be scared to join!