Purple Traitstone Pack 2 not available?

Last week on my main account, Invite ESOX, I purchased the Red Traitstone Pack 2, that has a limit of 1.

This week, I noticed on my secondary account, there is a Putple Traitstone Pack 2, that is not available for sale on my main account.

I had assumed that most sale items that have a limit of 1, would still allow purchase of other similar items other weeks.

Should I be able to see the Purple Traitstone Pack 2 this week, having purchased the Red Traitstone Pack 2 last week?

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I also was never given the offer of Purple Traitstone Pack 2. It’s a bit of a shame because I was actually interested in that one.


I’m going to bump this back up, because the Brown Traitstone Pack 2 isn’t available on my main account, but is on my test account.

@Sirrian Are these packs to have been only 1 purchase of any of the packs total, or only allow one purchase of the pack per week?

To me, I can see only being allowed to buy 1 of the Red pack, but I wasn’t expecting buying the Red one to lock me out of all the other color packs.


Should be one purchase for each pack, but something seems to have gone wrong.
We might just remove the one purchase limit for now.

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ther goes my life savings