Psion, the camera prank


Such a great pic of him, lets turn it into a Sylvanimora thread ha ha!


People are lazy and will piggyback onto the next meta given any changes to mana drain. Then a couple months down the road the same discussion will ensue over another meta. As for beating the teams…its not hard at all really but it is repetition I don’t enjoy.


Amira and Desdaemona with a Hellcat and FG, bye bye Psion and Famine!

Yes, more type counters would be cool.

Even a trait like:

+X to all stats for each enemy ‘insert troop type’


I thought it was a her?

On another note just this week I finally got Valkyrie removed from my ‘Favored (sic) troop’ and replaced with Sylvanimora. :grin:


I think you are right. Its a female dragon like many others. :wink:


Whatever they are, it’s cool artwork :grin:


Maybe Merfolk will be the new mana drain immune meta.

After all this time of Sharkey being in the Wilderness, he comes back with a vengeance.

I can see threads - “Nerf Sharkey!?!!”


haha, we had all kinds of Nerf threads so far. This one like many other nerf threads is pure entertaining for us. :rofl:


Psion’s 3rd trait is quite annoying. But I think the issue is more about the new cascade feature where skulls just drops so often that Psion can often full-drains your ready-to-cast 1st troop… I’m glad that players didn’t find that The Silent One could be as or more horrible than Psion…

A slight nerf should be that his trait drains only 7 mana better than full mana.

*shakes head

Whiners wanted the Deathknight/Deathmark/Famine nerf, now calls for a nerf to a troop that takes its place which is by no means overpowered.

Where does the entitlement to an easy win end???


This is what needs to happen, the unreasonable nerf calls only reduce the number of viable troops to use, rather than increasing the pool.


I’m tired with this argument… If one troop is nerfed, it’s also in invade so on, it should be more difficut to win because you cannot just put this troop on your team and have an easy win.
Is it that difficult to understand?

I don’t see how reducing the mana drain to a flat 7 mana will “kill” this troop. Actually, he can drain a troop whatever mana the troop has. A flat “7 mana drained” will reduce the frustration of players when a lucky AI gets a skull just before you can cast .

So yeah let’s not nerf his 3rd trait and when there will be enough “whiners”, as you called them, devs will nerf the whole Drain system like what they did wih Devour because of only one troop (ie Kerberos).

Yeah and I’m sick of the BS ‘arguments’ about this troops too hard and that troops always kills me, or it’s not really hard but boring blahdy blahdy… Why shouldn’t players be frustrated? That’s what my defence team is for, or am I doing it wrong? Should I just get them to hand out flowers? :thinking:

Changing the trait as you suggest would be a large nerf, it would allow invaders to go back to utilsing mana heavy front troops with impunity.

Folks that go up against Psion with troops with large cost spells that are critical to team strategy deserved to be punished.

We have numerous team slots, some player are just too lazy to use them all it appears.


Btw desdemon really like to one shot psion


People need to stop referring to all things that go against them in a match as ‘lucky AI’, your quote is the example of the pure entitlement I’m talking about.

There is no luck, it is just the game.


Now, this I have to disagree with. There are a couple hundred (too lazy to remember my combinatorics) different ways for exactly three gems to fall after a match is made. Only one of those is all skulls. Of course the AI is lucky when it happens; so would the player be if the situation were reversed, and only a skull drop could kill a charged X before it could cast.

Edit: I got less lazy. There are 7 ways to have all 3 gems be the same, 7x6x5=210 ways to have all the gems be different (assuming RGY is different from RYG, etc.), and 7x6x3/2=63 ways to have exactly one repetition. So 280 different possibilities, out of which exactly one is all skulls. Sounds pretty lucky to me!

This entire matter is ridiculous. Even with mana drain which is going to be addressed which will effect a large pool of troops directly and indirectly… Psion isn’t even an issue. Fact is it kind of is underwhelming if anything. You play a dud card that isn’t effected by magic or has low mana cost or silent one or basically anything and set banner for your second card that is the mana generator… Problem solved. Why scream nerf where its not needed?

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This thread is laughable. Reread the first post. His claim to nerf or remove it was because he’s bored fighting the troop. Not that it was overpowered, just he sees it a lot. Even made the point of saying it was easy to deal with. So no suggestions were needed on how to deal with this “menace” or that the card really is so overpowered.

He was bored fighting it and rather than either hitting the refresh button or picking a different trophy fight because heaven forbid anyone fights something other than 3 trophy in ranked (oh hush you 1 trophy Bombot casuals… You’re just farming the gold :wink: ) he instead had to come here and say how unfair many people want to run the meta team…

Just as people complained about always facing goblins… And always facing webspinner… And always facing Queen Mab… And still always facing Queen Man because of Justice… And whatever else the next meta will bring because there’s always something a huge number of people will run because it works better than not and they’d rather have the wins rather than the chance for revenge fights.

And then the standard yeah he needs to be nerfed so this would be fair / your just wrong he’s fine as he is endless circle that comes up anytime cries nerf on anything popular and successful.

Go ahead, comment away… Flame me if you want if you think I’m sounding arrogant in my response. The song is just an endless tiring one and not a very good one either.

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Yeah that the main difference between you and me: you totally don’t care about X% of the playerbase. You want to believe that your “hardcore gamer” playstyle is the standard one.
Of course, casual players could not take part to the PVP leaderboard or the GW. But I believe that it will only show that this kind of players is not welcome in this game.

Psion not only drains mana but he steals it. Only 7 mana means that invaders could cast after at least one lucky turn which semms to me an enough punishement. But it’s only my point of view.

What do you mean by “large cost spells”? Only the Mythics? Legendaries too? Quite limiting your choice.

But yeah I know your kind of answers: “you shoud use that or that…”.
So if there is Psion, I should put a low cost caster. And if there Famine, a drainer. Etc. So in fact, I have to play according to the defense and uses not an Invade team but a counter-defense one.

With the new RNG/AI, it becomes more difficult to “don’t care” about the defense teams so it became less acceptable to leave some troops too much powerful.

And some players don’t care about team building like you. So yeah they can just find another game, but I’m not sure it will be good for this game health.

I was talking about when a player does an action and then a new skull is dropped so that AI can do a 3-skulls. No about AI having a 3-skulls drop.


Whats your defense team?