Psion, the camera prank

Ironic? Sure… Rewarding? Abso-friggin-lutely!

Let me explain… When i build a team to use against a certain mechanic… Lets say psion, i build a counter to make the battle easy. The challenge is only there if the team or troop i am trying to counter is difficult… In fact, the harder the better. A well built team can make any team easy if the team is built to counter it. Therein lies the satisfaction! Building a team that makes a real difficult team look like chumps


Nice post, Vangor.

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Yeah true. And it’s the same for the spells of Psion, Manticore and Spirit Fox.
But why these troops drain only 7 mana? My guess is that they can fastly be reload, so drain at high frequency.
And it seems to me that “on skull” could also be in this category (depends of RNG but you don’t need any turns to load your troops to cast).

Now about Maw if he’s ready to cast and you have an happy skull, you take it and then only 7 mana is drained. Next turn lucky Maw with one match is full again. And you’re f*cked but you only play a skull, you could have cast SF for the same result. And if the mana drain is reduced, you will certainly use a better troop to counter/drain Maw.

And as a big fan of Maw, I’m quite unamused to not be able to play him ASAP Psion is in defense team: he always has a skull just when I load Maw… So I give up to use him.
Same for War and all other high cost troops on the front.

Yes I know that some players take pleasure with that. But other ones just don’t care…

Honestly, how many players propose builds for GW in your guild? Versus how many who said nothing and use the proposed teams by others?
There are just some players who are not interested by building team or don’t have time or are not good.

And why should I have to play a counter defense team better than something that I want to play?
Does it happen to you to try a new troop, find a good synergic team but you are crushed because this team cannot be at the level of the META ones?

Hahahaha yo we have a discord channel for each color so… Everyone lol nice try

Why should i be forced to quit playing GoW because you want a tap game… Just mindlessly tapping my phone is not fun for me… And all your proposed nerfs would turn GoW into a game where all that is needed is to keep tapping the screen

Everyone? Niiiice. It should be difficult to choose between so many choices :slight_smile: .

Strange because…

… and the team that you are using are quite a tap game for me.

Which one? Reduce mana drain of Psion’s 3rd trait or Khorvash’s spell to 7 will make the game so easy? Or maybe put Disease on Famine after casting?

You were claiming that Famine was dead because of the nerfs. Do you still believe it?
Before the nerf, Famine alone was enough to win the race of: who from the player or the AI will fill his drainer first. It’s not anymore the case and Famine needs a mana generator to be efficient. So now, we don’t see anymore Psion/X/Famine/Y but we see Psion/Ragnagard/Famine/X and this team is still very powerful.

When you nerf a troop, it became less strong in defense but also in invade. So difficulty should be the “same”.
And I take care to ask only for nerfs that will not “kill” the concerned troops, I don’t want what happens with Bone Dragon…

Sarcasm huh? And here i thought we were having a discussion… Guess i was wrong

Again deliberate ignorance? Ok let me be clear… Ahem… There. Is. A. Difference. Between. Grinding. Gold. And GW.

I cant put it any plainer than that. If you still dont understand what i am talking about then you will have too look elsewhere because i will not explain this game to you

All of them! This is ridiculous


The problem with this argument is who the hell uses famine and psion on invade? With the exception of kerby every single troop that has been nerfed into the toilet has been pretty much a defend troop… At least as long as i have been around.

And the only reason kerby got neutered is because he was equally effective as a defender as an invader

We can keep this up if you like but you are not going to convince me that i am wrong. Why? Because i am not. I do not and will not support the nerfing of any troop in this game right now.

I support balance sure. Bone dragon was unbalanced so i supported nerfing him. They took that to far if you ask me, making BD useless instead of balanced. I dont want to see that happen to any other troop.

Wow why are you taking suddenly about grinding gold and GW?
I assume that when you talked about “tap game”, it was about PVP and I never talked about GW…
So you’re okay to play a “tap game” for grinding golds? Is it what you’re saying?

Who used Famine and Psion on PVP invade before the nerf?
Else I have used them in GW because they help to have a safe battle. Because of the new scoring, they are surely too slow.

Players prefer to use generally effecicient killer troops to go fast. But on the defense teams, it’s better to put troll troops (drain, silence, gem spwaners). So, why do you expect that a good troop in defense should be used in inade?

And do you really see less Famine teams since the nerf?

How can you support “troop balance” if you’re against any nerfs?
And why do yo think that the nerfs I have proposed will “kill” the concerned troops?

For Bone Dragon I was against the nerf because I know that nerfing the number of skulls that he could create will “kill” it… But yeah he was clearly unbalanced and I was hoping about a new spell better than this nerf…

I am not responsible for your assumptions…

Sure because the team i use makes it that way not because there is no challenge

Thats exactly my point! Dont you see? If people really cared about troop balance one would think that nerfs would be called for in equal measure for powerful invade troops as well as defend troops. Why then is it only defend troops are complained about on here? Because the complainers want an easier game


Could it be because i feel the troops are balanced? What do you think i am arguing with you for? Because i like typing all this crap out? Geez gimme a little credit pimpin i am not trolling

Because you are proposing taking already balanced troops and weakening them thus killing them like BD

This shocks me if true

And final thought regarding balance… I think we need to be talking about BUFFS not nerfs

53 pm

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Ok we found one who uses those troops on invade… But i ask you this @Drathas how many are above those two in your list? Because i doubt you are using them together so 1500 invades for you is what? .8% of all your invades? Not exactly what i would call ubiquitous

Invades can be counted twice, thrice or quadruple when troops are used multiple times in a team.
My total number of invades are currently:

7,742 wins
352 losses


So still not by any means your most used troops… Im sure i have used those troops on invade as well but we are missing my point here… I also dont remember you specifically asking for famine or psion to be nerfed

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For the record… My list says this

Top: valk-3303
Famine - 753
Psion- 0

We can agree that we are not some players coming here just to complain and then disappear.
And so yeah, I care about the overall balance of the game.
But without support, who is going to follow my ideas? You know how it works here: to be listened you need 50 players whining with you.

That’s why I used these topics to let know my ideas about some reasonable nerfs.
I could open a “nerf troop” topics but we both know that 50 players will come saying that X troop is not a problem in defense so “don’t touch it”.

And also because it’s more evident that a troop is too much powerful when you loose against him than when you use it.

Not agree. They complain because the troops became an issue for them, that doesn’t mean that the troop was balanced before they complained.
Example: Bone Dragon. Complains started in October 2016 whereas the troop was unchanged since January 2016. Why? Because everyone was focus on Maw and as soon as Maw players began to put BD everywhere. So light on on BD and you know how it finished…

Okay so you were talking about the nerfs that I proposed and not nerfs in general. Understood.
So do you have in mind of troop that you feel should be nerfed?

Be shocked :slight_smile: .

Like this topic:

You can see how few players are interested… And no reply from the devs who seems to act only to avoid riot.
That’s why I didn’t post in this topic.

You and i have very different ideas on what are reasonable nerfs

Im not sure i understand what you are saying. Could you clarify please?

I already said i felt BD needed a nerf… Although i dont like the nerf he got… Oh well, c’est la vie…


Agreed… Which is why i dont beat my head against the wall calling for buffs. I trust the devs to buff troops on an “as needed” basis. I am very happy with how they updated orcs for example

When you loose because of one troop, you will ask why this troop make you loose and so on, if the troop is overpowered or not.
But when you used the same overpowered troop in invade, it will less usual to ask yourself this kind of question.


I just wanted to let you know out of courtesy that i have read your clarification.

I however have neither the patience nor the energy to continue our discussion from this morning at this time. I will return to it when i am up for it



Well it’s a simlpe match 3 game you hard core players you. Who cares. Maybe one of these many times you can do what you say and quit thanks.

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When Mana Shield is buffed to prevent mana drain, TDS will s*** all over Psion. It will be such an easy counter with an incredible popular team that I don’t think Psion will be much of a problem.

I can still see him being annoying in GW b/c those lucky skull drops are obnoxious, but with the upcoming changes to defensive bonuses I assume you’ll see any given team a lot less. At the very least, there should now be 6 “meta” teams, which will feel a lot more diverse.