PS4 Version Continually Crashing


Does anyone else have this problem? It seems to choose a random place it crashes every week. 2 weeks ago it would crash on me every time I chose a mastery after leveling up. Last week it would crash every time I tried the arena. This week it’s crashing every time I win an encounter.

Are there plans to patch? Am I alone in this?

Thanks for any replies.


I am having the same issue. Have tried rebuilding database on PS4 and deleting and reinstalling. Seems to occur mostly in Arena, Invade, Leveling Up, and purchasing something from the store. Hopefully 1.08 will finally put the PS$ crashes to rest as I find this to be a very enjoyable game, but almost unplayable on the PS4 due to the crashes.

All the best!


Agreed, loving this game but the crashes and bugs that prevent progress really do make it a chore to play sometimes. Thanks for the response.


Did you open a bug with 505 games?

They are responsible for any issues on consoles.

Also, could a regular move this thread to support?


Done, cheers!


You have to get to 1.07 first; consoles are currently at 1.06, a version behind Stream/mobile.