Problems with lite chat

I prefer using lite chat mode, but there is at least 4 problems with it. I mainly play on computer so i dont know if this affects mobile.

  1. Constant scrolling. In order to see current chat i need to scroll down all the time. The chat seems to jump to earlier text from time to time. In most cases the chat jumps to my own comment.

  2. The chat moves and doesnt stay put. When i click to see someones profile, the chat scrolls down to newest text. I noticed the full chat doesnt behave like this. Its annoying to keep scrolling up and up again when im looking for people to honor.

  3. I cant see players profile if they link a team on chat. There is no way to click on players name without copying the team. Hence the profile of player is unreachable.

  4. Wall of non-text if you scroll down the chat. Only black. You can scroll way below the last line of text and then see only black screen. Annoying because you are always scrolling down. See no1.

Please fix!

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I believe this should be categorized under Bug Reports. It’s probably why no dev has addressed this yet.

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Hey, thanks for bringing these to our attention.

Can you please let me know what device you’re playing on in case it’s relevent for point #1?

Steam, win10, Lenovo. Do you need other info?

I think that’s all I need, thanks!