[More info needed] Broken/glitchy chat

Please fix the in game chat on Xbox…Players/messages are disappearing from guild/global chat regularly…Log out and log back in, the players you could see before doing so, are no longer visable whilst the players/messages you could not see, are now visable.

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Bumping this up, as chat is still horrendously broken

100% correct here.

@Kafka since this is an Xbox, you devs can feel free to increase the memory or disk usage for better and more stable chat logs. I’m sure my Xbox has plenty of juice to spare from running a match 3 game… and it might just be a simple setting needs increasing.

I complained about this on the QoL stream, but on PC.

Basically chat is working fine as is, the issue is the connection dropping with the chat server, which causes random bugs, such as this or the giant block of blank space at the bottom of chat, or 1 of any other number of random bugs with chat that everyone gets annoyed at

Hey, the chat logs increase in size based on the graphics quality settings, but I have passed feedback on that players want longer chat logs.

@Fikda I’m sorry you’re having these issues, I’ll need some more information please:

  1. When you log out and log back in are you actually fully exiting the game from the Xbox menu or are you just going back to your Xbox homescreen? You’ll know you’ve fully exited if the next time you open the game you have to go through the black screen with the logos again.

  2. How was your connection in general when you have this issue? Were you experiencing any lag in game or when you were typing into chat was what you typed appearing immediately or did it take a couple of seconds to send?

  3. Do you know if any of the players you couldn’t see have ever had you blocked?

If you’re still having this issue maybe try turning off your Xbox, unplugging it from the wall for 30 seconds then plugging it back in again to see if things go smoother.