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Prices on everything slashed!

Seeing huge price reductions on everything in the store. No indication of a sale though.

Well it’s on Android at least, can anyone confirm it’s on all platforms?


No sale on Playstation.

On Android in the US.

So maybe the “sale” is a regional thing.

But I’d like to see screenshots since Salty herself has stated before how difficult it is to reduce prices in the shop. That’s why most of their “sales” just inflate the amount of gems available.

And no nothing there either.

Bought todays daily valetines deal 1800 gems and nysha medal for £28 full vip points given.
I have seen this before where the old ‘lower traitstone’ pack got reduced to £5. Only for around 2 months ish then the shop rework happened. So we might be due a shop rework. shrug

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Just wanted to correct that the currency in the screenshot is Pounds Sterling, not Euro, but it’s still a discrepancy:


Android Canada here and seeing 59.49 CAD (odd number) for the Nysha medal offer.

Typhoon/Motherload = 118.89 =

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Yup. Its always been £99.99 (typhoon of keys). Prices did match to the other screenshots previously until today. Yes we usually get screwed in exchange rates.


My currency was off but the USD (by accident) was still correct of $20. (If it was Euros it would of been $30 difference.)

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Huh, yep prices reduced. I always buy the gem sub for $6.49 and it is now $5.89. I am guessing this is a permanent reduction and not a sale. Yay!

It’s prolly a combination of FX and VAT. UK always get the worst prices.

This is likely a result of currency values, but I’ll double check with the team. We haven’t changed any IAP prices on our end.

No need to pass this on @Saltypatra. Let us keep the lower prices. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Pretty much this. As the currency cross rates change every now and then, the app stores and/or publisher reflect the changes - just not daily. There is always a home currency to which the store prices are anchored, and that is the singular region where the in-game shop pricing doesn’t change.